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New rear axle shaft nuts; torqued to 217 ft/lbs.
Shop BY type, get the latest parts for your VW type.New national deluxe air conditioner manual rear shock absorbers.New main wire harness, left and right front section wire harness.Mid-year change to crankshaft adding oil pockets and X drillings.Contact Details: Office:, mobile:, fax.Window cranks: The knobs were a one-year-only black plastic and highly unreliable.Shop BY type, get a Free VW Parts Catalog.There were two metal tubes between the master cylinder and the brake fluid reservoir for this year only.We have 26,000 VW parts in stock and ready to ship, but only 4,000 of them are listed on-line.Pilot jet valve: An anti-dieseling device was added to the generator side of the carburetor.Mobile:, fax:, shop 27, Ottery Value Centre, New Ottery Road, Ottery.Revised left and right quarter panels introduced; quickly replaced with revised types.

The new latch was a low-profile bar secured by two bolts used only in that holiday island dos game application.
All air-cooled and water-cooled VW engines worked on and refurbished.
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Axle tube: A lengthened one-year-only axle and axle tube was used on the 67 models.Mid-year new brake pedal/master cylinder clevis rod introduced.Elongated hole now cut in left side cowl at corner of windshield for optional retractable antenna, sealed with aluminum cap and black packing.I receive about 2-3 emails a week asking for a copy of the 67 owners manual.Most of these changes are subtle and go unnoticed.WIN A 50 gift certificate free vw parts catalog, get your free catalog, the VW Diesel.Engine: 1500cc displacement of about.