Webmproject.org/ and follow the instructions for installing the library.
Smpte 337M encapsulation X Smush X Multimedia format used in some LucasArts games.
TDSext files X THsed on the Nintendo GameCube.
Then pass -enable-libvo-amrwbenc to configure to enable.2.1 File Formats FFmpeg supports the following file formats through crack do sim city 3000 the libavformat library: Name Encoding Decoding Comments 3dostr X 4xm X 4X Technologies format, used in some games.XWMicrosoft audio container used by XAudio.1.11 libilbc iLBC is a narrowband speech codec that has been made freely available by Google as part of the WebRTC project.

AYU Microsoft uncompressed packed 4:4:4:4 Beam Software Vethesda VID video X Used firmware update bkm 52x16c in some games from Bethesda Softworks.
Miro VideoXL X fourcc: vixl mjpeg (Motion jpeg) obotix MxPEG video X Motion Pixels video X mpeg-1 video PEG-2 video PEG-4 part 2 X X libxvidcore can be used alternatively for encoding.
To use QSV, FFmpeg must be linked against the libmfx dispatcher, which loads the actual decoding libraries.
CRI AD Audio-only format used in console video games.
Org/, download "Codec 2 source archive".Then pass -enable-libaom to configure to enable.Wideband Single-bit Data (WSD) X WVMicrosoft video container used in Xbox games.1.13 ModPlug FFmpeg can make use of this library, originating in Modplug-xmms, to read from MOD-like music files.To enable support, pass -enable-vapoursynth to configure.RPL/ARMovie X Lego Mindstorms RS rstm Output is performed by publishing stream to rtmp server RT RTS Sample Dump eXchange X SA sbdeega film/CP Used in many Sega Saturn console games.Delphine Software International CIultimedia format used by Delphine Software games.To enable support, pass -enable-avisynth to configure.For decoding, this library is much more limited than the built-in decoder in libavcodec; currently, this library lacks support for decoding B-frames and some other main/high profile features.Debian users can install the libcodec2-dev package instead.Then pass -enable-libtwolame to configure to enable.2.4 Audio Codecs Name Encoding Decoding Comments 8SVX exponential X 8SVX fibonacci X AAC EX X encoding supported through internal encoder and external library libfdk-aac AAX encoding supported through external library libfdk-aac AC-3 IX IX adpcm 4X Movie X apdcm Yamaha aicdpcm cdrom xdpcm Creative.C93 video X Codec used in Cyberia game.Go to m/ultravideo/kvazaar and follow the instructions for installing the library.Codec2 (.c2 files) ontains header with version and mode info, simplifying playback.

Then pass -enable-libwavpack to configure to enable.
Bfstudio format used on the Nintendo WiiU (based on brstm).