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User manual digital concepts 7.1 megapixel camera

Then insert the concepts batteries by following the directions on the diagram user inside the battery compartment.
S4: This device fires after it senses the fourth flash fired from the camera.
Direct Hot Shoe Photography (for cameras with a built in hot shoe).Your Digital user Slave Flash will work with cameras that have a built in hot shoe, manual by connecting this device to the camera's hot shoe and switching the unit to normal mode.Please check megapixel your camera's owner's manual to determine which user flash system your camera has.Ready light to glow on your Digital megapixel Slave Flash, and proceed to take a photo.Digital slave flash, item #418AF, for Use with Digital or Film Cameras. To do so, simply place your Digital Slave Flash where you might want an extra light to be, and follow the above instructions.
Inserting megapixel Batteries (batteries not included your Digital Slave Flash requires 4 AA batteries.

Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries should be used only.S2: This device fires after it senses the second flash fired visual from the camera.To wallhack insert batteries correctly, first remove the battery cover from the Digital Slave Flash.S3: This device fires after it senses the third crack flash fired from the camera.The ready lights on both flashes should be glowing in order to questions begin.The iese Digital Slave Flash will automatically fire each time the camera's flash fires.It is recommended that you remove the batteries from your Digital Slave Flash when the unit is not in use for extended lengths of care time). You may also wish to visual use the Digital Slave Flash as an extra light, in order to illuminate the object you are photographing from a different angle than your camera's built in flash.

If your camera has a user manual digital concepts 7.1 megapixel camera built in hot shoe, you can directly mount your Digital Slave Flash to your camera.
Point your camera towards the subject you are photographing and take a picture after both flashes indicate they are ready for operation.