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Ts 930 service manual

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You may desire to switch the new reduced tuning rate manual on service and service off.
Possible Cause: The wire from R138, R139 and D33 may touch Q39 pin.Cold solder joint of manual the wire between pin 13 of service Q39 and R139, D33 and R138.This change applies to units before S/N 306xxxx.For example, you can select the new rate on just VFO B by using an unused section of the function switch to make or break the circuit on diode D-13.Next, locate R476 wich is on the same board as above and is positioned just above the large CW filter.If manual it is not.8 K ohms, change it so.The service function of this capacitor was to de-bounce the PTT switch and is a big reason why the TS-930 will not work satisfactorily in amtor mode.Service Manual page.Possible Cause: Cold solder joint between D33 and R84.The motors do not stop on all bands.An easy way to do this is to locate R474 which is right next to R476 and scrape away some of the insulation from both of the exposed leads, then solder a bridge between them.VCO-2 T15 change.0v to read.5 vdc.Procdeure: Remove the top and bottom covers.This document is related to the following rigs.Check the value of R19. No digits are lost since the readout has the extra digit for this purpose.

The motors do not stop on the deluxe 28 MHz band.The lead that is exposed needs to be manual grounded.The game motor stop when SWR is at Maximum.Possible Cause: The rotor of VC2 contacts (shorts against) the stator.Some units have the capacitor soldered to the middle terminal in error!The auto mode deluxe does not reset.1 100 2 MU 3 SCN 4 M2 5 MIN 6 FSK 7 B2 8 FT On the main drawing, called schematic diagram, the pin numbers shown on connector 8 are reversed from the way they are numbered on the digital unit schematic.This change can be accomplished by manual grounding pin 1 of connector 8 on the digital unit PCB.VCO-3 T14 change.7v to read.2 vdc.The Big Three, common manufacturers, pDF, Unknown size, click tool to download.In hacker any event, it will be obvious which end is which since the end pin is vacant.TS-930S SSB TX Tone Quality 3-2983 The transmitted audio tonal quality of the TS-930S may be improved by the following procedure: In the TS-930S Service Manual page 64, make the following change:.Carefully resolder these six points, and those listed below: Q1 Emitter and base, d4 anode and cathode.Notes: This change is applicable to units before serial number 3070221 only. Plated-thru hole between C36 and C15 (2) Plated-thru hole sby the molex connector.
C500 is an electrolytic.7uF located near the center of the board (if viewed with the radio upside down with the front facing you) near connector.
This may occur also in the FSK mode.