It can take down most enemies in one or two shots on any difficulty, including armoured foes.
In that case keep in mind after reloading a save to immediately save in another slot again (the game always overwrites the selected slot with an autosave).
First Blood Perform a Stealth Takedown from a mud-covered wall *missable* Mission: Path of the Living Objective: Infiltrate the Porvenir Camp Region: Kuwaq Yaku Shortly after reaching Kuwaq Yaku, in the second enemy encounter the story takes you to, there will be a mud patch.
After triggering the first objective of a challenge you will see the task in the map menu but the items dont get marked.
Its best that you use stealth kills with to take out the distracted enemies, thats what worked for.There are also some extremely helpful skill upgrades, all from the Seeker skill tree (Blue Color).On top of that there are Archivist Maps and Explorer Backpacks that reveal all other collectibles on the map (just like Rise of the Tomb Raider).Family Ties Free Unuratu from prison Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Note: Nothing from the dream sequence in Croft Manor (young Lara) is needed for 100.
Be careful with weapon upgrades, focus them on one weapon to max it out for Makeshift Arsenal trophy.
Also pay attention to collectibles in Crypts and Tombs.Then you need to dig up a secret treasure in the search area.Its from side quest Investigate Sumaqs Murder in Paititi.Gunslinger Perform 3 headshots in 3 seconds with the pistol *missable* Mission: Hunters Moon, Region: Cozumel, Objective: Get through the Dig Site.Hold and tap to use Perception plants.The difficulty-related trophies stack so if you beat it on the highest difficulty you will get this trophy too.Detailed description of all crypts and relevant walkthroughs (puzzle solutions, trap layout etc can be found in the chapter dedicated.To earn the River Hawk magnum, players must complete the Deal with the Pillagers side mission in Kuwaq Yaku.The Archivist Maps and Explorer Backpacks reveal the collectible locations on the map so all you have to do is find those two types and then the rest can be marked with waypoints.Theres also the skill Anoles Needle (Green Color) that lowers the resource requirement to restore vestige outfits.Artifacts are called Relics on the map.Underwater Archeologist Collect 5 underwater Artifacts This will come naturally on your way to 100 completion.So if you want, you can play the story on normal and then switch back to easy for the collectible hunt.This rifle is an automatic reward for completing the seventh story mission in the game, Where the Twins Confer.Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trophy Roadmap.