touch pro 2 service manual

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Select the wrench icon with right or left buttons and push the OK button to enter the System Settings menu.
Normal The default mode.Open packaging box, remove X-Sight.Taking photos Press the left button to takhoto.Press the OK button to select a particular value (once selected it will turn red).Open the shortcut Carousel System Settings Settings WiFi Bluetooth BinoX LRF.After connecting your phone or tablet via WiFi to your ATN device, you can see on your phone/tablet screen what is shown in your optics viewfinder.Just click the OK button to access the Carousel.To change the Reticle Shape press the OK button.

To enter the System Settings, open Shortcut Carousel with OK button and select the wrench icon with right or left buttons.
Troubleshooting Light dimming Battery may be faulty.
Note: If you do not know all or part of this info (example: Initial Velocity we recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the ammunition and/or the weapon that you are using.
Video quality can be 1080p @ 30/60/120 fps.Widgets would include reticle, time stamp, and logo that are added during video processing.Choose Display in the Tab Menu.You will see the subcategory Device Type.Movement between the colors is carried idm fake serial key out using the left and right buttons.Once the connection has been successfully established, open your ATN Obsidian 4 app and your respective device should be shown on the home screen.To focus the beam, hold the head in one hand and turn the neck section with your other hand turn clockwise or counter-clockwise.Reticle Style Adjustment You can manage reticle style in the System Settings (Display section).Push OK button to enter the menu.Change the value with the Scroll Wheel or Keypad buttons.Use the Scroll Wheel or Keypad buttons to change from Extended to Minimal Main Operations zoom level Use the Scroll Wheel on the left side of the scope to Zoom IN and OUT.The ABL reticle will instantly appear on screen.Please visit the iOS store or Google Play store.Secure the two screws using an Allen wrench.Limitation OF liability ATN will not be liable for any claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages or liabilities arising out of the use of this product.

No problem open up the Gallery and playback your latest adventures.
Choose Night Vision in the Tab Menu.
When a shot is fired and your scope experiences recoil (some airguns may not provide enough recoil for RAV to be activated).