Euron wears an eyepatch in the far cry 3 update 1.3 crack books, though it is unclear what it hides, leading to his nickname "Euron Crow's Eye".
They only seem to control their home territory in The Westerlands, most of The Crownlands around King's Landing, and nominally the Riverlands between them (though really the Riverlands have been laid waste and their "control" doesn't extent beyond where their armies can march).
7 Brienne and Lord Yohn Royce from the Vale both appear at the council scene in Winterfell, though Brienne doesn't say anything during.While Westeros does have a system of inheritance based on male-preference primogeniture (except in Dorne it is still not uncommon for women to inherit power (sometimes there are just no sons, or they die).Ultimately, when the TV writers cut out Loras's assault they didn't come up with another way to wrap up the dangling storyline of what happened to Dragonstone - not even simple dialogue describing off-screen events, for example a report that the Lannisters had captured.King Robert himself was there, though, and it would be odd if his own Kingsguard were not there with him.Some of these characters may survive in the book version - though the showrunners have confirmed that Hodor will die in broadly similar fashion in the books, and Jojen has had visions that he will die on his quest to bring Bran to the Three-Eyed.

The episode contains influences from the following chapters of A Dance the buddha's noble eightfold path sangharakshita.pdf with Dragons : Chapter 7, Jon II: Sam reads old records about dragonglass.
As the blog post points out, Samwell's line in this episode that Dragonstone is built atop "dragonglass, a mountain of it" mirrors his earlier exchange with Jon.
Walder remarks, "Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe as his family members die around him.Actually, The Reach is one of two breadbasket regions in Westeros: the other is the Riverlands, but that whole area was reduced to a burned-out wasteland by the war.When Sansa responds that the late Joffrey Baratheon did not tolerate dissent, Jon reassures her that he is not Joffrey.Theon's older brother Maron Greyjoy died in the battle but it is stated that he died when the castle tower he was in was collapsed by siege engines.Still, it was the first early mention of Euron's actions - they attempted to foreshadow him to some extent, prior to his on-screen debut in Season.Without us men would be little better than dogs, don't remember any meal but the last, can't see forward to any but the next." Sansa Stark : "No need to seize the last word Lord Baelish, I will assume it was something clever.Notes General As of the end of Season 6, all plotlines have surpassed the current novels in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, though the TV series has also drastically changed several of them.The TV adaptation, with some validity, argued that this worked in Martin's books but would be too confusing in a TV series again, so it avoided re-using names whenever possible.Still, he accepts Samwell's claim because the stories about the Long Night are corroborated in a number of sources.1, contents show, plot, jon Snow organizes the defense of the North.We're surrounded by traitors.8 The expensive fine wine that Walder/Arya serves to the assembled super pool game house Freys is stated to be Arbor gold, in dialogue."Walder" then reveals himself as a disguised Arya Stark, who has exacted vengeance on those who arranged the massacre of her mother and brother at the Red Wedding.Even if they hope to defeat Daenerys, they would eventually have to retake Dragonstone castle, losing thousands of men in the process, when they could have just sent a hundred or so guards there ahead of time.

Alys Karstark is only the third female head of a major vassal House to have any speaking lines in the TV series.
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