Facelift edit With the rules regarding the size and engines of kei-cars being altered for March 1990, Suzuki had to update the Carry/Every which now carried the DA/DB51 chassis code.
A b c Quattroruote: Tutte le Auto del Mondo 1992.
Due to various trade obstacles for Japanese cars, Spanish Santana Motors (in addition to the SJ410) began local production of the SJ413 in 1986.
Stuttgart: Motor Presse International.Alternative badges The Suzuki Carry has been marketed under several different badges around yale electric pallet jack manual the world: Bedford Rascal (UK GME Rascal (France Daewoo Damas (Worldwide Chevrolet Super Carry (Colombia and Venezuela Chevrolet CMV/CMP (Central America Holden Scurry (Australia Maruti Omni, Maruti Versa (India Ford Pronto, Mazda.Chassis codes changed accordingly, and were now different for the Carry and the Every.3.4.1 65 PS (48 kW) K9K 700 engine.The chassis was largely unchanged for the truck (albeit with a somewhat longer wheelbase but the vans had a considerably longer wheelbase and an engine mounted midships, just ahead of the rear axle.27 1990 Suzuki Every 660 PS Turbo Aero-tune (DA51V) Autozam Scrum van (1st gen) Suzuki Super Carry van facelifted Carry (DA51T) Export models edit Holden Scurry (NB) Post-1985 European market Suzuki Carrys still used the 797 cc four-cylinder F8A familiar from the ST90 Carry, while Super.The LJ80V was also assembled in Indonesia,.T.10 Fifth generation (L50/60) edit The fifth generation L50 Carry debuted in May 1972, followed by a new Carry Van in August.45 There were two basic versions of this car produced; the two 8-seater DX / DX2 versions and the 5-seater STD version.The grille bars were changed from horizontal to vertical for the LJ20.1986.xx-2004.xx.3.6 Spanish manufacturer Santana Motors introduces a diesel edition with PSA's XUD.9-litre turbodiesel engine (euro2 emission spec.34 This has a wheelbase of 1,970 mm (78 in it is 3,875 mm (153 in) and 1,570 mm (62 in) wide.

Not all models were updated however, with the original narrow SJ410 still in production in some countries.
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Although removed from the regular price lists in 2006, this version of the Carry was still built to special games poker for pc order until 2009, alongside the larger Carry Futura (based on the Eight generation Suzuki Carry ).
Unlike the Mitsubishi version, Suzuki also offers a factory-bodied minibus version.
Second generation (19811998) edit The Suzuki SJ30 began production in May 1981 in Hamamatsu, citation needed Japan.Coilspring version edit The Samurai continued for sale outside the United States (where the newer version is referred to as the 'Coily with a substantial update in November 1995.15 The first Jimnys (built until 1984) were low-roof, metal-bodied wagons.The version still produced in India by Maruti-Suzuki is the Maruti Gypsy King, using the sixteen valve, 80 hp (60 kW).3 liter G13 engine.India Starting in 2016, Maruti Suzuki has produced a rebadged version of the Carry Futura in India as the Super Carry.This included a coil spring suspension, though the live axles were retained.Trisulo, Bambang; Samudra,.; Firmansyah, Arif (2003).The SK408 (sometimes called the DA11) was discontinued in October 1989.