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Structural chemistry of glasses k. j. rao.pdf

structural chemistry of glasses k. j. rao.pdf

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It is found that the influence of the cation on the infrared spectra structural of phosphate glasses glasses does not show any striking regularity.
Su, in Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Glass, Brussels (1965) paper.
Paul, Chemistry of Glasses, 2nd Edn (Chapman structural and Hall, London, 1990).Theoretical models employed in the interpretation of infrared spectra of glasses have been reviewed.Rend 242 (1956) 1791.Uhlmann (Academic structural Press, New York, 1983).Boatner, Science 226 (1984).Idem, Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids (Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, 1964.Fr.) 46 (1985) C-8,.The glassy and quenched samples were prepared from PbO and NH4H2PO4 by the rapid quenching technique.Solids 167 (1994) 122.The changes observed in these infrared bands established the role chemistry of water structural as an additional glass modifier.Read the ACS privacy policy.Solids 7 (1972) 221.The maximum intensity of the P-O band at 1120 cm1 for 55 mol PbO suggests a partial breakdown of the covalent vitreous network of the phosphates and formation of a crystalline phase consisting raopdf of ionic groups PO 43, P2O 62 and P2O 74 for PbO.This site stores nothing other than an automatically generated session ID in the cookie; no other information is captured. For example, the site cannot determine your email name unless you choose to type.
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Solids 116 (1990).The infrared torrent spectra of several binary phosphate glasses have been reviewed in the context of the study of effect of the cation on the infrared spectra.The intensity hunter and glasses frequency variations of the infrared bands have been followed through all the compositions for characteristic phosphate group frequencies hunter including PO, P-O-P stretching and bending modes and P-O bending mode.The observed pattern hunter of variation in the intensity of the infrared bands in the 9401080 manager cm1 region attributed to the v3-mode in PO 43, suggests a gradual transformation of PO 43 units to PO 3 groups in lead meta -phosphate glass and then their restoration.To decline or learn more, visit our.You have installed an application that monitors or blocks cookies from glasses being set.Solids 122 (1990) 133.Solids 40 (1980) 535.Cookies are used by this site.Motoya Anma, Tetsuji Yano, Atsuo Yasumori, Hiroshi Kawazoe and Masayuki Yamane,.Glasses 3 ( s ) (1962) 167.Albert Cotton and Geoffrey Wilkinson, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, 5th Edn (Wiley, New York, 1988). There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.
Solids 20 (1976).

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The results indicate a gradual decrease in the number of bridging oxygens and increase in the resonance behaviour of non-bridging oxygens as the mole percentage of metal oxide structural chemistry of glasses k. j. rao.pdf (PbO) increases in the glass.