RealAmbience, a new technique that offers a full, 3D concert hall sound with no artificial reverb.
Natural concert hall ambience, true key release action.
The supplied ECO versions of sounds allow high levels of polyphony even on older computers, while the advanced disk-streaming mode makes HALion String Edition 2 highly efficient in its memory use.Open the File menu and select Load Instrument.Plugin and instructions are to be taken from this post ml home page.A specially developed VST- and DirectX-compatible HALion String Player allows full control over articulations such as crescendo, bowing or portamento.The top-notch recording techniques used gives the HALion String Edition a warm character, an outstanding sound quality and an unobtrusive, natural ambience.HALion String Edition 2 offers a total of 9GB of solo and ensemble strings, and integrates Steinberg's HALion sampling technology with a specially recorded sound library to form a unique, multi-purpose virtual string orchestra.HALion String Edition 2 includes 9 GB of sounds performed by one of Europe's leading orchestras, which was recorded in 24-bit and using top grade recording equipment.Features: Complete orchestral strings - Double Basses, Cellos, Violas, Violins.

HALion String Edition 2 supports all major plug-in formats such as VST, DXi, and AU plus ReWire and standalone versions, and will be available in August 2005.
HALion String Edition 2 also features.
Each section is provided in two versions you can combine freely with other sections.
Suits all musical styles from classical to contemporary.
Features such as the sound browser window also make the full breadth of sounds contained in HALion String Edition 2 readily accessible, and the unique Q-Controls allow easy control of the most important sound-shaping parameters.Warm and defined sound, perfectly balanced bow noise.Locate the program in the HALion String Edition folder and click.Steinberg HALion String Edition Vol.A multitude of presets make arranging and combining sections a breeze.The program is loaded and shown in the program pull down menu.During the recording and production phases, particular attention was paid to achieving a warm and emotive yet detailed and precise sound that sits just as well in an RnB mix as in a classical arrangement.Symphonic String Orchestra Instrument and Library.Installieren Sie dieses Update daher nur, wenn Ihre Arbeit mit HALion.3 von Fehlern eingeschränkt wird, die im Hotfix behoben wurden.ALL links ARE interchangeable!