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Sprites for game maker 8.0

Changed the reading and sprites writing of reals in text files.
Define your own trigger events.
maker Make more general questions, because nobody will ever be able to answer you.In an if condition, a value.5 is now treated as true.Create splash screens with movies, images, web pages, text, etc.Solved a serious bug in which collision events where maker executed twice sprites if two sprites objects have collision events with each other.Create, load, and modify resources whilst the game game is running.A particle system game to create explosions, fireworks, flames, rain, and other effects.Corrected a bug in the function window_get_color.Your question is far too broad, so my only suggestion is to go maker online and search for a tutorial because nobody will be able to answer your question.In the path editor, when choosing a room, clicking outside the menu no longer clears the room.More actions.g. Game collaboration tools.
Functions string and string_format no longer crash when the number is too large and they will return the string error.
Tiles with negative scale factors are now correctly drawn.

Corrected a bug in ignoring z-value for guide model vertices.Room_tile_add and save room_tile_add_ext now correctly boot set the blending color to white and sata return the correct tile index.Special sound effects and positional sound.Also the Scripts menu is hidden.Functions for motion planning. In simple modes, short-cuts for hidden resources and menu items now are disabled as well.
Corrected a bug that can cause a crash when resizing the game chan window to 0 height.
It does however remember its settings so changing andrew it once to windowed mode will from that moment on start it in that mode.

When the game window looses focus, io events like key presses are now cleared.
No regular popups to sprites for game maker 8.0 remind you of upgrading.