A person who indulges in excessive bouts of drug or alcohol use.
E.g."This chap came up to me and keygen paretologic data recovery pro 1.1 told me to shut my mouth." Informal.
( read more ) Flat, or 'flatting' refers to calling a poker bet as opposed to raising.
"These are some Velcro greens." Victory Lap : When a golf ball catches the cup and spins around the rim before falling into the hole, it's taking a victory lap.
( read more ) Chip and a chair is an expression that is somewhat similar to 'it's not over until it's over You can come back to win a poker tournament even with one chip.Of cockerel and hen.An impression of the female genitals/vulva as seen through audiovox xv6700 owners manual tightly worn clothing.Water Ball : Either an old or cheap or scuffed up golf ball you substitute for a good ball when hitting over a water hazard because you don't want to risk losing the good one; or any ball you just hit into the water.Very cold, when applied to the weather, or air temperature.You're looking well.".Also camel's toe and camel toes.( read more ajax is poker slang for a starting hand with one ace and one jack.( read more ) When one wants to chop the blinds, it means the hand only has the small and big blinds left and they both decide to kill the hand and take back their blinds.Another chav related expression created during the chav obsessed early 2000s.

( read more ) Cardrack is a poker slang term that means someone is experiencing a hot run of cards.
It is a way of analyzing EV as opposed to results.
An exclamation of anger, service manual xerox 8550 surprise, frustration, disappointment.
It is related to 'coffeehousing.' ( read more ) Tank refers to the process of being lost in deep thought in the middle of a poker hand, or the time one takes to make a difficult decision.
A person paid to collect for charity by signing up people to make regular donations, often by direct debit.Consequently it is gradually losing its offensiveness and perhaps will in due course become as accepted as 'fuck' in its use.A conversation or chat.E.g."I'm going to chuck her at the weekend, she's really annoying me with her moaning." chucking out time Phrs.Botox : A putt that lips-out.( read more ) A dirty stack is a stack of chips that has mixed denominations within.Northern use correctomundo Adj.( read more ) A monster poker hand is a hand that has excessively high value.To smash someone on the face with a bottle and slash with the broken shards.E.g."I was out of bed at the crack of sparrow's fart this morning." crack on Verb.

An effeminate style and mannerism affected mainly by 'gays however anyone can 'camp.' 1930s camp as a row of pink tents Phrs.
'chocolate teapot' chocolate starfish Noun.