sapjcorfc.dll can't find dependent libraries

From aris.2 SR2 and later JCo.1.x is no longer supported.
2.7 How can I check if I have a 32-Bit or a 64-Bit Version OS and JRE?
2.2 In which folder do I copy the runtime libraries of the JCo?
Aris for SAP requires the SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) for establishing connections to SAP systems such as Solution Manager (SolMan).Dll and librfc32.dll) ) accessible system wide (See.2 Copy it to the Windows system library folder.But the specific JCo.1.x parts are greyed out because the main focus is on JCo.0.x.Yes, it is really necessary because almost every connection to the relevant SAP systems is based on the JCo.Exe" -jar JCo JAR Download: " " Command: "C:Program Files (x86)Javajre6binjava.Aris Application 32-/64-Bit JRE bundled/installed JRE need 32-/64- JCo Installed Client 32-Bit bundled 32-Bit JCo Download Client 32-Bit installed* 32-Bit JCo Business Server OS depended 32-Bit or 64-Bit bundled depends on the bundled JRE: 32-Bit JRE - 32-Bit JCo and 64-Bit JRE - 64-Bit JCo.(See.1 make the JCo runtime library (sapjco3.dll/ (sapjcorfc.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:WindowsSystem32sapjco3.dll: Can't load IA 32-bit.dll on a AMD 64-bit platform".New package structure and changed interfaces).

Therefore you have to provide a 32-Bit JCo version.
Aris.2 SR2 is the first release which only supports the JCo.0.x (all versions higher than JCo.0.7).
Look for the value of the th property in that output.
1.2 Why do I need aris for SAP JCo and is it really necessary?
If you have a 64-Bit OS and you copied the 32-Bit JCo into the windows library folder for 64-Bit libraries (32-Bit JCo sapjco3.dll to C:Windowssystem32) and use a 64-Bit JCo (e.g.The functionalities (Transaction start, Document start, which are running on the client side (Installed Client, Download Client, BP SAP Connectivity) requires the SAP frontend.This does not depend on the OS but rather depends on the JRE that is used for the aris Application.Please keep in mind that the Java JRE.7.x version is not tested and not supported for the current aris.2 SR 2 release.Therefore you have to provide a 32-Bit JCo if it was installed a 32-Bit JRE and a 64-Bit JCo if it was installed a 64-Bit JRE.The old JCo.1 is not compatible with any JSE/JRE version.5 and higher (aris.1 has used the JRE.5.x).The first is to copy the Windows system library folder and the other one to create a path environment variable to the JCo install path.2.1 In which folder do I copy the JCo Java library?Java library of the JCo is the platform independent part of the JCo, because it is Java.Thus you have to use a 32-Bit JCo.(See.3 restart the aris applications (also the server).If you try to start transaction on SAP system that are not at the latest patch status then can get such an warn message: For SAP JCo.0.x older SAP systems need a patch that it works to call the SAP GUI for these SAP.Update 2: At least in Java 8 (I haven't checked earlier versions) you can do: java -XshowSettings:properties -version to find the shared library search path.If it works then there is no need to replace it but if it does not work then you have to replace the existing planet waves ns tuner manual one.Sometimes after replacement of the RFC library of the frontend installation the frontend does not works correctly.