Recent versions of the device use UVC as a fa├žade.
UVC Feature, status, comments, uVC.0 descriptors, yes.
The code includes support for older kernel versions, but might lag behind the uvcvideo git repository by a few days.Cam Socialize HD Creative Labs 16 041e:4088 Creative Live!The restrict_frame_rate quirk has been added to the driver to ignore all non-default frame rates.Cam Chat IM Creative Labs 041e:406c Creative Live!USB Streaming terminal, yes, processing unit, yes.Some versions of this camera have been reported to randomly time out or stall in response to valid UVC control requests, probably as a result of a race condition bug in the camera firmware.Cam Optia AF Creative Labs 18 041e:4063 Creative Live!Notebooks) Chicony Electronics 3 058f:3820 Future Boy PC USB Webcam (Alcor Micro AU3820 chipset) Alcor Micro 058f:a001 HP Webcam-101 (HP Pavilion g6 notebooks) Alcor Micro 05a9:2640 OmniVision OV2640 (Dell Inspiron 1420/1720 notebooks) OmniVision 05a9:2643 OmniVision Monitor tally 5.4 with keygen Webcam (Dell SP2208WFP) OmniVision 05a9:2649 OmniVision Monitor Webcam (Dell.To help save bandwidth, please follow these instructions: git clone git:t uvcvideo cd uvcvideo git remote add uvcvideo git:t git remote update git checkout -b uvcvideo-master uvcvideo/uvcvideo-next The old SVN repository has been archived and isn't available on the SVN server anymore.

Cam Video IM Pro Creative Labs 7 041e:4065 Creative Live!
090c:37b3 Lenovo EasyCamera (Lenovo G560 notebooks) Silicon Motion 090c:b370 Silicon Motion SM370 Silicon Motion 090c:b371 Silicon Motion SM371 Silicon Motion 093a:2700 iSonic W002 A4Tech PK-635K Digital Innovations.3MP Webcam Pixart Imaging 093a:2800 DealExtreme USB.0 Camera Pixart Imaging 093a:2900 Agama V-315 Pixart Imaging 0ac8:0336 Elecom.
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Instructions to install the latest uvcdynctrl tool are available from the QuickCam Team website.
You need to subscribe to the list before posting.Documentation UVC-specific parts of the driver API are documented in the Linux kernel tree starting at version.6.38, in Older kernel versions implemented a different API that is now deprecated and scheduled for removal.6.39.04cb:014c Fujifilm FinePix A340 Fujifilm 04cb:016f Fujifilm FinePix S5500 Zoom Fujifilm 04cb:0172 Fujifilm FinePix E550 Fujifilm 04da:2318 Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS11/230/250 (webcam mode) Panasonic 04da:231a Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS11/230/250 (DV mode) Panasonic 04da:231d Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS27/37/320/500 (webcam mode) Panasonic 04da:231e Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS27/37/320/500 (DV mode) Panasonic 04f2:a133.For kernel developers, the USB Video Class specification is available on the USB Implementers Forum website.Uncompressed payload, yes, mjpeg payload Yes DV payload Yes mpeg-2 TS payload No Frame-based payload Yes Stream-based payload No Supported devices The table below lists known UVC devices.The UVC specification covers webcams, digital camcorders, analog video converters, analog and digital television tuners, and still-image cameras that support video streaming for both video input and output.Standard V4L2 applications do not need to be upgraded.If your UVC device is not listed below, please report it to the Linux UVC development mailing list.See Logitech UVC devices list for more information.06f8:300a Hercules Dualpix Infinite Guillemot Corp.Download Linux.6.26 and newer includes the Linux UVC driver natively.IM Ultra Creative Labs 041e:4080 Creative Live!You can tell the uvcvideo driver to estimate the required bandwidth instead of trusting the camera by setting the FIX_bandwidth quirk.Those cameras claim to have a true.3MP or 2MP cmos sensor, but the highest resolution reported by the UVC descriptors is 640x480.Support for the deprecated V4L1 API will not be added.

As the issue is timing-related, the exact impact of the bug on a particular user can't be predicted.