Create new custom toolbars in a new container MDB and imported all the objects into the new container.
Application.Eval fcnAutoExec2 the above was successfully executed but it returned the above error.
Rename the new table so it has the name of the old virtual keyboard in arabic table.
Now its 3 MB!" DM states "Thanks for the tip - worked a treat and the speed is amazing.If you import code from another version cracking the coding interview 5th ed pdf (typically Access 97) and close the database without recompiling, your code is hosed.N Access, choose Get External on the File menu.yeh, startup on the LAN used to take anywhere from 20secs to a full minute.

Explicitly typecast the field.
Access uses a pointer to another location for the data in large fields (memo, hyperlink, or OLE Object).
If this does not work, follow the steps for the symptoms of your corruption below.EXE" "d:My b" /decompile.Sub FixBadAOIndex(BadDBPath As String) ' BadDBPath is the path to the corrupt database.As a general rule my experience has been, in the absence of a specific error message, that you don't need to run the decompile more often than once every month or so to clean things out.A client was wondering why it was taking so long before the first screen was displayed.Compact to get completely rid of it: In Access 2010, Compact and Repair Database on the Database Tools ribbon.To address this kind of corruption, delete the memo field from your table.After I ran this command the mdb size went down to 17 mb and the mde size went down to 12 mb and let me tell you I'm very bloody happy. .If it discovers data the violates the index (such as duplicate values in a unique index or primary key it drops the index.Open the Immediate Window (CtrlG and export the form/report as a text file.Before doing anything else, make a copy of the corrupted mdb file while Access is NOT running, and without overwriting any earlier backups.Run the query to create the new table.Rename that file to something like "t". .More information in knowledgebase article 815280.