mikrotik omnitik u-5hnd manual

24hr backup UPS-PL2424HP-9 319.00 Call Tycon Power UPS-PL2424HP-9 - UPS Pro 60W 200VA Polycarbonate Enclosure 24V 9Ah UPS-PL2448HP-9 293.00 Call Tycon - UPS Pro 60W 200VA, Polycarbonate Enclosure, 24V 9Ah Batt, 48V PoE, Solar Ready UPS-ST12-50 711.00 Call Tycon - upspro 144W 600VA, 12VDC Regulated.
Ethernet adaptéry: RB44, RB44G, RB44GV.
PS5V1200US.00 Yes Power Supply for T18, T18P, T20, T20P, T21, T21P, T22, T22P, T26, T26P, T28, T28P, T41P, T42G. .
150Mbps PoE - FlexUSB Compatible - ARC-AF-FM 4536.00 Yes neoclean-N Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner 4668.00 Yes 1x24 Fiber Optical Splitter Sangria Distribution 24A Box 4695.00 Yes Fast Connector SC / UPC reusable 39998.00 Yes C2G -.5" USB.0 Ethernet Cable.00.Bundle2 6,712.00 Call Bundle Test 2 CI-803C.00 Call Brickcom Camera Stand CI-803 C CI-812.00 Call Brickcom Camera Stand CI-812 GEM04-222008A.00 Call Brickcom Wi-Fi Dual Band Omni Antenna WOB-300Np-Star-KIT 609.00 Call Brickcom WOB-300Np-Star-KIT BR,501.00 Call Brocade 300 - Switch - managed -.48VDC 802.3af/at POE input, 5VDC @ 3A USB output, 12W,.5x2.1 POE-PowerTap.00 Yes Tycon - Taps into POE power on RJ45 connector and outputs to a wire terminal connection.Gray 340526.00 Yes Intellinet Network Cable, Cat6, UTP RJ-45 Male / RJ-45 Male,.3 m (1.Compact, cost-effective hdtv surveillance with built-in.00 Call Axis ACC mains adapter axis.00 Call axis Camera ceiling mount drop - clear transparent for axis 216FD.00 Call axis PoE splitter for Network Camera 206, 206M,.00 Call axis T95A00 Dome Housing Camera outdoor pendant dome with.Routerboard hAP ac lite, quick Setup Guide and Warranty Information.Powering, the board accepts powering from the power jack or from the first Ethernet port (Passive PoE direct-input power jack (5.5mm outside and 2mm inside, female, pin positive plug) accepts 8-30V DC first Ethernet port accepts passive Power over Ethernet accepts 8-30V.HDD GVR3552 113.00 Yes Grandstream GVR3552 Network Video Recorder (NVR) provides video recording, indexing, searching and v GWN7610 112.00 Yes Grandstream GWN7610 Enterprise 802.11ac WiFi Access Point GXP1100.00 Call Grandstream GXP1100 IP Small Business Phone (no PoE) Internet Phone GXP1105.00 Call Grandstream GXP1105.Jrmc-680-10/11 445.00 Yes Jirous, -.1-11.7 GHz, 680mm Dish,.5 dBi jxaf-11 174.00 Call Jirous Waveguide to AF11X Antenna Converter CA100-NFB-smam-8.00 Yes Laird Technologies CA100-NFB-smam-8 N Female to SMA CA100NM-mmcx-12.00 Yes Laird Technologies CA100NM-mmcx-12 N Male to mmcx 12" CA178-NM-UFL-12.00 Call Laird.TFS-35N.00 Call TFS-35N Universal Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Termination ftth Kit Includes 35 Tools TIP-400V 1,044.00 Call Orientek TIP-400V deluxe Fiber Optic Connector Inspection Video Scope/Probe, Connector Inspector TIP-500V 845.00 Yes Orientek - TIP-500V Video Fiber inspection probe and Display TR600 SS24AF 2,207.00 Yes.R2SHPn.00 Yes Mikrotik R2SHPn.4 GHz MiniPCI card 1600 mW TX, 802.11b/g/n, mmcx connector R52.00 Call MikroTik Routerboard R52 Universal Wireless Mini PCI Card 65mW 19dBm.4GHz and.8GHz band 2.FL R52H.00 Call Mikrotik Routerboard R52H Wireless miniPCI Card 350mW.

And Support MS350-48FP-HW 8,689.00 Call cisco meraki cloud managed MS350-48FP - switch - 48 ports - managed - desktop, rack-mountable MS410-16-HW 6,375.00 Call Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Switch MS410-16 Switch managed 16xGigabit SFP 2x10 Gigabit SFP MV21-HW 942.00 Call Cisco Meraki MV21 Cloud Managed Indoor.
GXP2200EXT.00 Yes Grandstream - GXP2200 Expansion Module GXP-Handset.00 Call Grandstream Handset for GXP Series GXP-hdset2000 PM3.00 Yes Grandstream GXP Handset - 2000 Series GXV_PM.00 Yes Grandstream GXV_PM Ceiling Pendant Mounting Kit GXV_WM.00 Yes Grandstream GXV_WM Wall Bracket Mounting Kit GXV3140.
Or 473972.00 Call Intellinet - Fiber Optic Patch Cable, Duplex, Single-Mode LC/SC, 9/125 m, OS2,.0 m (7.0.
CM Rated, Plastic Reel, Gray 336628.00 Yes intellinet Network Cable, Cat5e, UTP RJ-45 Male / RJ-45 Male,.5 m (5.1A8A03F 779.00 Call Digium - 1A8A03F 8 Port Modular Analog PCI.3/5.0V Card with 8 Trunk Interfaces and HW Echo Can 1A8A04F 798.00 Call Digium 1A8A04F 8 Port Modular Analog PCI.3/5.0V Card with 4 Station and 4 Trunk Interfaces HW 1A8B00F 293.00 Call Digium.HG5158-23D 125.00 Yes L-com -.1 GHz.8 GHz 23 dBi Broadband Parabolic Dish Antenna HG5158-28D 153.00 Call L-Com HG5158-28D -.1 GHz.8 GHz 28 dBi Broadband Parabolic Dish Antenna HG5158-31D 225.00 Yes L-com -.1 GHz.8 GHz 31 dBi.NBG418N.00 Yes ZyXEL NBG418N 300 Mbps Wireless N Router with High Gain Antennas 4 port switch 802.11b/g/n wall mou PLA5456KIT 124.00 Yes Zyxel PLA5456KIT AV2000 Passthrough KIT Powerline Homeplug AV2 Dual GbE Gigabit WAC6500-PS.00 Yes Zyxel 12v DC Power Supply for WAC6500 Series WAC6502D-E.Yel.00 Call Intellinet Network Solutions 8-Port Rackmount KVM Switch.00 Yes Intellinet 506502 Fast Ethernet Media Converter, 10/100Base-TX to 100BaseFX (SC).00 Yes Intellinet 506519 Fast Ethernet Media Converter 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX (ST).00 Yes Intellinet 506533 Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter 1000Base-T to 1000Base-SX (SC).00 Call Intellinet Network.Sh POE-INJ-LED-S.00 Yes Tycon Power POE-INJ-LED-S POE Inserter Power to insert POE power to a CAT5 ethernet cable POE-INJ-S.00 Call Tycon Power POE-INJ-S Passive POE Injector POE-msplt-4812.00 Call POE splitter.48VDC 802.3af POE input, 12VDC @ 1A output, 12W,.5x2.1 connector POE-msplt-USB.00.MFi-LD.00 Yes Ubiquiti mFi-LD In-Wall Black Manageable Switch Dimmer Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n mFi-LD-W.00 Call Ubiquiti mFi-LD-W In-Wall Manageable Switch/Dimmer White, mFi Controller software mFi-MPW.00 Yes Ubiquiti mFi-MPW Black mFi In-Wall Manageable Outlet Wi-Fi Access 802.11b/g/n Energy Monitoring mFi-MPW-W.00 Yes Ubiquiti mFi-MPW-W In-Wall.Converts 22V-36V passive POE to 802.3af/at 35W outp TP-POE-24G.00 Call Tycon Power TP-POE-24G - 24V 19W Gigabit Passive POE Inserter TP-POE-24iR-CI.00 Yes Tycon Power 24V 18W POE Power Inserter with reverse voltage pinout (4,5-, 7,8) TP-POE-48.00 Call Tycon Power TP-POE-48 vzw software upgrade assistant installer - 48V.RB1100AH.00 Call Mikrotik Routerboard 1100AH RB1100AH PowerPC MPC8533 1066MHz 2GB installed 13 x Gigabit LAN RB1100AHx2 324.00 Yes Mikrotik RB1100AHx2 13 x Ports Gigabit Ethernet Router dual core 1066MHz network CPU RB1100AHx2-LM 315.00 Call EOL Mikrotik Routerboard 1100AHx2-LM (RouterOS L6) with power supply and.Clear-/smoked dome and ome cover included.00 Call axis Clear Dome camera dome bubble.00 Call Axis T98A05 Cabinet Door.-601 204.00 Call Axis P3367-VE Casing Kit.00 Call Axis Fujinon cctv lens -.2 mm -.00 Call Axis lens computar.5-50mm DC-iris.00 Call Computar cctv.Goip-16 475.00 Yes goip-16 GSM VoIP Gateway with External Antenna 16 GSM Channels GoIP-32 870.00 Yes GoIP-32 GSM VoIP Gateway with External Antenna 32 GSM Channels goip-8 253.00 Yes goip-8, 8 Port VoIP GSM Gateway (VoIP to GSM) (GSM to VoIP).Wireless "access point" mode is enabled by default, connect to the wireless network name which starts with "MikroTik".Individual Voltage pe TP-SW5G-NC 145.00 Yes Tycon Power TP-SW5G-NC 5 Port 12V-56V non-compliant Gigabit POE Switch (no power supply included) TP-SW5GNC-OUT24 222.00 Call Tycon Power TP-SW5GNC-OUT24 - Outdoor 5 Port Gigabit 24VDC Passive POE Switch.