Stackdump: vid tEntireRawContent vid t_InputStream vid t_InputStream vid mmand.
I have tried to apply the fix of creating a registry key called "MaxObjsPerMapiSession" as comment crack papers please per the Microsoft KB in I have restarted the info store but we are stil seeing Event 9646 errors for this user.
The following table is organized alphabetically by feature.
I need to up the limit for this user (or globally) I cannot remove her additional mailboxes.
But after that installationen the Exchange Server stopped receiving messages?This may have been caused by an outdated or corrupted Exchange ActiveSync device partnership.Feature, how to get there in the EMC.I have Exchange2010 client is outlook2010.

The following illustration maps this click path from the console tree, to the result pane, to the work pane, and then finally to the action pane that lists options for managing the specified certificate.
Do anybody know what I can do to solve this?
I have a Windows SBS 2011 server with Exchange 2010 installed.
I didnt know the specific tweaks cause I hadnt looked in.The first section lists all the features that can be managed by using either the Exchange Management Console (EMC) or the Exchange Management Shell.She is hitting the mapi limit of 500 connections for "ObjectFolder".Items will be updated at the next synchronization.Undantagets början, undantagstyp: tpException, undantagsmeddelande: Den maximala längden för begäran överskreds.Then it asked for "Microsoft Exchange Server mapi Client (and CDO).2.1" installation and I proceeded.Event log 9646 is generated.Stephen Griffin - msft, september 2, 2009 0, bunches of people have contacted me asking if the mapi download works with Exchange 2010.The dreaded DSProxy that we were trying to avoid in 2007 and earlier has been replaced by the.Therefore, the second section lists the features that can be managed only in the Shell and provides links to the corresponding cmdlet reference topic.We have a user who has about 7 additional mailboxes due to her role.If this is the case, Exchange ActiveSync will re-create the partnership with the device.