mamiya 1000 dtl manual

The left elbow should be held as close to the body as possible.
Brackets visible in finder indicate location of spot meter reading area (6 best shooting games pc 2011 of field).
Rotate the focusing ring until this number is opposite the small red mark, and the lens will be correctly focused for infra-red photography at that distance.
Depth of Field changes each time the focusing distance changes, becoming greater as the lens is focused on points farther from the camera position, while decreasing as the point of focus becomes closer.On-line camera manual library, if you find this manual useful, how about a donation of 2 to:.Problem: exposure meter needle will NOT move TO take reading.The following table shows the correct combinations to be used in various flash situations.The self timer activating button (1) is located behind the lever, and is visible only when the p timer is set for use.The Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL has two separate sets of flash contacts, marked " FP " and " X "."spot" Reading: The "Spot" method of exposure calculation is especially valuable when the most important area of the picture is either much lighter or much darker than the general picture area, or in landscapes, where sky light would register a much higher reading than trees.Neck Strap Eyelet.Film Take Up Spool.Try changing shutter speeds until needle moves.Activating the meter and setting the exposure is accomplished as referenced above.

This CAN cause serious damage TO lens.
Check Flash Synchronization tables carefully.
FP X Flash Terminals.
Film Plane Reference Point.Since the self timer operates independently of the shutter releases button, the camera may be operated in the usual way, with the' release button, even when the self timer has been set.Org The battery will last for approximately a year, depending upon use.The meter " OFF locking button " automatically pops up again into the unlocked position when the film advance lever anne frank pdf chomikuj is pulled away from the camera body.Meter " Off " Locking Button.Both metering systems are cross coupled to camera shutter speeds and diaphragm mechanism of all automatic lenses with Praktica-Mamiya/Sekor universal mounts.Again use only your thumb or forefinger, this time using a clockwise twist until the cover is tight.In any case (except with infra red materials when the image appears to be sharp in the finder, it will be sharp on the film.

Use only specified type of battery (silver oxide.