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Spectroscopy: A Key 1998 toyota hiace repair manual to Chemical Identity.
An Exploration of Surface Area, Volume, and Graphing.
Exploring the Chemical World: CHM 101 Laboratory and Classroom Activities Manual.Basili, department of Education, prince George's Community College 2003.Designing a Separation Method: An Example for Performance Task #1 - click here, an Investigation of Chemical Reactions.The Ins and Outs of Energy in Systems.Sinex, department of Physical Sciences and Engineering.Observing and Describing Matter, kinds of Matter, separations I: Basic Techniques.Moles, Molecules, Formulas, an Investigation of Chemical Reactions.Exploring Acids and Bases, performance Task #4: Analysis of Solutions.Performance Task #2: Determining the Composition of a Hydrate and Graphing.Notes to the Students, laboratory Protocol and Safety, measurements, Conversions, and Manipulations.

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Performance Task #1: Measurement and Designing a Method of Separation.
The Behavior of Gases, investigating the Gaseous State of Matter - chick here, uncovering Properties of Liquids and Solids.
Discovering Periodic Trends: A Graphical Approach (activity excel data file needed, it's All in the Shape: Covalent Bonding and Molecular Geometry.Investigating Solutions, performance Task #3: Solutions and Light.Textbook: Burdge, Chemistry 3., isbn.Lab Manual : Laboratory Manual for General, chemistry 101, 102, 103, 104.Chemistry Chemistry 101 Laboratory Manual.Chemistry, Industrial, number system conversion quiz pdf chemistry and Applied, chemistry.

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