January 01, 2002 Contributor: Anonymous Downloaded: 135527 times Rating: (by 487 members) Rate this: .543.532.521.51 We currently don't have any Project IGI: Im Going In cheats, cheat codes or hints for.
Open this in lab manual chemistry 101 hex editor and search for a sting named: "weapon_ID_M2HB" Change this to: "weapon_ID_AK47" Now when you play the game instead of AK47 you will get M2HB(a type of machine gun) with approx unlimited ammo and works as a sniper too.
3)Go to the one of the computer and press and hold activate key until the process is over.
It's name is igitrain.exe(not project IGI 2!).I read that we can't change ak47 to apc due to that ak47 is 4 letter apc is 3 letter it is wrong we can do it just follow.There are no reports of the trainer needing an update.Hint: - Submitted by: jdk To geta granede in the first level in the watch tower you go down then destroy the cmaemra and go to the bunker /wepons hut and the granede is on the first create.Medipack in 2nd level "SAM base Submitted by: Sunny, the baba I am a great player of this game.You have to be quick at firing.

Project IGI: Im Going In Trainer.
It is an impressive shooting game with unlimited life and ammo.
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Open this in hex editor and search for a sting named: "weapon_ID_colt" Change this to: "weapon_ID_AK47" Feel it to say then simply e-mail to Cheat: Start game from any Level: Submitted by: Komal Brar Email: You can directly start any level doing the following change.1)first go to the igi installed folder then go to weapon folder u will find some folders like Ak47,binoculars, colt anaconda, medipack etc.Open this file in your favorite Hex Editor(Easy hex editor) and search for a string named: "weapon_ID_AK47.AK47" change it to "weapon_ID_APC.IGI 2 Trainer works with IGI 2 that you could also download.If you run directly towards building and not combat the 6 soldiers near truck, they trouble you from ground when you position on 2nd story near the window.Now open the "coltanaconda" folder and here also you will have a file weapon.