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Hammond l 102 service manual l-100

Preamplifier The Preamplifier is located within the console, suspended from the main generator shelf.
Hammond organ Service Information L-100A Service Manual Supplement.
3 service ) is a tilting tablet which supplements the action of the expression pedal.Each high point on a tone wheel manual is called a tooth.It is a pin type lamp,.3 volts, #12.Each drawbar may be hammond set in eight different positions by the organist in addition to manual the silent position.For normal vibrato, this resistor is short-circuited.It should hammond be noted that the synchronous motor can supply power only at synchronous speed.The unit should be again locked whenever the console is moved, even if only a few feet.The drawbars slide over nine busses which are connected to taps on the matching transformer.Key Number Note Drawbar manual 1 Drawbar 2 Drawbar 3 Drawbar 4 Drawbar 5 Drawbar 6 Drawbar 7 Drawbar 8 Drawbar 9 1 C C# D D# # hammond G G# A A# # D D# # G G# A A# # D D# # G G#.When a preset key is depressed it locks down and is released only when another is depressed.For example if the scanner passes over the line at such a rate that 3600 electrical degrees are scanned each second, there will be a frequency change of 10 cycles. The Percussion Cut-off Control, which is located on the pre-amplifier, should be readjusted as follows whenever control tube V7 is replaced: Set expression pedal wide open, both volume tablets "normal" percussion "on percussion decay "fast and harmonic selector in either position.
When the left drawbar is used, emphasis is given to the lower harmonics, and similarly the higher harmonics are emphasized when the right drawbar is used.

The "run"switch is manual then turned.Each transformer is matched to its condenser and any sumatra replacements are supplied as inch matched pairs by the factory.The individual tone wheel shafts are mounted in bearings made of a special porous bronze and each of these bearings is connected to the oiling system by a cotton thread from the oil trough.The Harmonic Selector Tablet does three things to the signals of the upper manual manual "B" adjust key drawbar group: In "Second" Position: (a) It connects the 2nd harmonic signal wire to percussion amplifier input.The busbars also inch have precious metal contact surfaces.Figure 7 ) shows the chief components of the instrument.The 8th harmonic signal is not available on the upper manual as long as the percussion tablet is "on".The Volume Tablet in "soft" position inch shunts resistor R46 across the percussion output transformer, reducing the percussion signal, and also shorts out upper manual matching transformer compensating resistor R1 inch thus restoring the upper manual signal strength to provide proper balance between the manuals.Preset keys, at the left end of each manual are twelve keys identical to the playing keys except reversed in color (.Pressing any upper manual key grounds terminal K through the tone generator filters.A rotating scanner, mounted on the main tone generator, picks up successive signals from various line sections.With a braking action of the synchronous motor and a loss of power of the starting motor, the system slows to synchronous speed and the synchronous motor begins to carry the load.No further percussion effects occur until all keys of the upper manual are released and control grids can again rise to 25 volts.After leaving both switches on for about four seconds, release the start switch to return to its normal position. 14, includes the upper and lower manuals and the preset panel.
A drive shaft, resiliently coupled to the synchronous running motor, extends the entire length of the generator.