It is recommended to install (or extract) GP4 to your Home directory, not the default Program Files directory.
A common error message when running GP4 is 'Please insert CD even if the decrypted, no-cd exe is used.
It contains the track layout.wad see example, this file is mandatory.
Universal game maximum players limiter.1 (playerslimitermax) exactly as above but with some additional instructions which limit the number of players to 3 (MAX_players in the source code).
There are lots of ways to replace the original 17 tracks.It contains the menu trackmap.bmp see example, this file is optional.Contact me if you know a new version of one of these softwares.Directly replace the files in your GP4 folder; Use TrackSet Manager (TSM).Need for Speed 3: Hot pursuit No-CD and safenet ikey driver v4.1.1.7 Windows XP fix.2 No-CD and solves also the "Your hard drive has less than 1MB free space" bug and the lost config.It contains the pitcrew animations (so they appear on the correct side of the pitlane) important!Do not place more than one track's files in the folder see example.Remember to restart the game after configuring your graphics and sound (see step 4 above).Dat in the folder of the game/program and launch lpatch.

Project Eden.02 No-CD Xanadu Next no-cd Ys: The Oath in Felghana no-cd/any_language/no_crc.1 Big Scale Racing.04H no-cd YsVI: The Ark of Napishtim no-cd/any_language/no_crc.1 YsVI: The Ark of Napishtim no-cd/any_language/no_crc.1 YsVI: The Ark of Napishtim no-cd/any_language/no_crc.1 Screamer 2 3dfx (newer patch).
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You can: Use GPxTrack, part of the GPxPatch program.Open GPxPatch and select the GPxTrack tab.It contains the dry parts of the track (under bridges / tunnels).anm no example This file is optional.For more information about GPxTrack see the GPxPatch documentation at SDI Utilities.You need to download also the codmsgfix patch for Call of Duty you see below.