Define a directory for the output html and PNG files from mrtg, and use the command "perl cfgmaker [email protected] pc-name " to establish your basic mrtg configuration file. .
This resulted in a 69MB ntfs system overhead being dropped, visible in the disk usage graph.
More misery on Monday 29th - screen-shot and photo.
1735, 2006 Sep 13, Wednesday, week. .
Possible small step drop in signal strength. .Updated the FSY recording on PC Hydra to look for three.FSY files rather than two. .Critical dongle error on Hydra.Thanks to hint from Rob Alblas I understand now what was wrong. .

Missing segments on PCs Hermes and Stamsund, and red satellite icon on Hydra. .
The iasi files appear to be about the same size, though, so I would not expect an increase. .
1610 UTC, Tuesday, Nov 06, week. .I used an alternative Perl script which takes the directory to be monitored as a parameter. .Just as you determined the address(s) for the PC's network, run perl cfgmaker again to find out the network device interface number. .1300 UTC, Tuesday, 2008 May 06, week. .Iasi data halted (seen on Test PC Hydra)., UTC, Sunday, Jun 10, week. .Aligning the results with the mrtg graphs Now for the html plots alignment; the left edges of the actual plot plots are respectively 65 pixels and 81 pixels right of the picture left edge. .The service was moved to Eurobird-9 during November 2008 and these problems have not been seen since.Having reviewed eight ibm client access odbc driver 64 bit days, my feeling is that this has made no difference eight way - neither better nor worse.

Europe-wide missed packets from eumetsat 15:00-18:00 UTC.
This simulates the load from a user taking MSG-1, avhrr regional from noaa-17/18 and avhrr global from metop.
Last good file was time stamped 07:30:38 and first good file 07:56:45. .