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Game suikoden ps 1

Genre: RPG, system: Sony Playstation, downloads: 3,269,666, rating: (4.88/5, 1,148 votes play Suikoden (v1.1) online.
The title loosely refers to game the Chinese novel.
You'll have a defeated country screaming for our vengeance.In both cases they were based on the rules of the game game "paper, stone, scissors".Please let us know if game you have any comments or suggestions regarding this description.This adds an additional tactical element, forcing the correct placement of characters according suikoden to their abilities and strengths.You are destined to seek out 108 companions (known as the "Stars of Destiny) in suikoden order to rebel and bring peace to the land.They are composed of six people, arranged suikoden in two rows.It is absolutely worth playing. With the power of the Soul Eater Rune and up to 108 characters to enlist to your cause, can you defeat Wendy and the Scarlet Moon Empire?
Can you find all 108 characters, or will suikoden you try to conquer the corrupt empire with fewer than that?
After game the loss of Ted and witnessing the crimes of the Empire against its people first hand, Hero meets a guy named Viktor and joins up with Odessa Silverburg (the original leader of the Liberation Army) to fight the Empire and eventually becomes the Leader.

Game Info, game: Suikoden (v1.1 file Name: Suikoden (v1.1).7z, manual file Size: 340.19.All in all though, Suikoden is user a predator good RPG and grade the papen prequel of access one of the greatest jrpgs ever made (Suikoden II).Ted is asked to go to the castle while Hero and the rest return home.The rest of the story of course is up to you, will you jump into the world of suikoden?At your journey, you will found out about the True Rune, drama of saviour and betrayal, recruiting companion, and more secret to be unfold.Some can be obtained by storyline, some of them is secretly planned by konami.Suikoden is a Japanese RPG, which uses graphics predator solutions known from the previous generation consoles. He accidentally grade comes into possession of one of the precious magical runes, which are sought after by corrupt leaders and the court sorceress Elevator.
The graphics and sound are average for game from the early PSX era and leave a little to be desired.

Suikoden does not stand out in any category that RPG games are judged by, but that does not mean this game is not a good one.
Later on, Ted returns home severely injured and after being put to bed, Ted tells Hero about the Soul Eater rune (one of the 27 True game suikoden ps 1 Runes) and asks Hero to take the Soul Eater and protect it from an evil witch named Windy.
One of the distinguishing elements, suicodenes is the number of heroes available to join.