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1, he acts as a confident mentor to his energetic brother, though has a tendency to give somewhat questionable advice.
Jake also seems to like boots, as seen in "City of Thieves" Jake steals boots from a store, and also in "Incendium" when he goes out to find Finn a new love interest, he puts on a pair of boots, meaning that Jake likes wearing.
Specifically, he has been stated to.BMO makes an appearance in " Fionna and Cake " in the opening and is games poker for pc later seen being played by Cake.Apfel Lauch Quiz Apfel Lauch Quiz Regular Show Persönlichkeits-Quiz Adventure Time Eiskönigreich-Quiz Die fantastische Welt von.Sporcle Settings to finish the process.He was conceived by Joshua and Margaret.Finn and were created by him.Despite this warning, Finn and Jake trick BMO by tickling them with a feather until they press their button while they are sleeping.He is a firm believer in fate and destiny." that BMO's favorite song is No Wonder I by the band lake.His powers help Finn considerably in combat and transportation, but are also sometimes used as nothing more than jovial forms of expression.BMO is characterized as a loyal, trusting and helpful robot who is protective of Finn and Jake.

However, the pronouns BMO uses fluctuate between male and female; BMO's pronouns vary depending on who is speaking or what make-believe scenario BMO is playing out.
During their adventure, they meet Bubble and the baby Sparkle, whom they try to help.
" and commenting on how she thinks they're cute.
Finde es jetzt heraus!In " You Made Me he is shown to be able to move objects through his body freely when he lets Princess Bubblegum jump into his mouth and then pushes her up through his back.In " Card Wars " and " Time Sandwich BMO demonstrates their skill in skateboarding and performs various tricks and jumps.He is a shape-shifting dog who is in his 30s in "magical dog years".Inside BMO Inside BMO, there is a gold heart with a face, as shown in " Be More." Pinned to the heart is a gold medal.Me-Mow he enlarged his liver fifty-one times a dog his size, preventing him from succumbing to Me-Mow's poison.In " The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part II) " Finn states "BMO is our (Finn and Jake's) best friend" full cogniview pdf2xl enterprise and "we love him." In " Imaginary Resources " Jake refers to BMO as his and Finn's "son implying he sees BMO.In " The Creeps BMO uses a built-in flash device that helps them take pictures, as well as print pictures and documents out their rear.Millennia later, BMO is the new King of Ooo, living in a small house over a tall mountain surrounded by mementos of his past life, thought to be nothing but a legend.

he was able to shrink and move his internal organs and blood into his left thumb.