As such Extend or Add Partition may only work on first drive selected.
Release.4.1000 WIN32 release Extend Partition will add a new partition to fill remaining space when writing image smaller than drive if extending is not an option.
Running count of number of drives selected for imaging is now displayed.Release.2.1003 WIN32 release Format will add an MBR at sector 0 and partition entry table will point to the partition that was formatted.Mattv24 commented over 5 years ago: I/O error is when you have still opend the game if you close it and it is still saying that error check task manager if you have gta_sa.Version 2 - GTA SA Introduced with GTA San Andreas, combines the directory entries (.dir) and raw files (.img) into one.img file.Allow user to drag file from Windows Explorer when imaging method is "Write Image".Enabled UFD list while imageUSB is writing/creating images.The directory has the same format as in version 1, but is located at the beginning of the archive.DIR for GTA III and Vice City) must be created and placed within the.models folder in these bisoncam nb pro win 7 driver examples.Capable of creating exact bit-level copies of USB Flash Drive (UFDs ImageUSB is an extremely effective tool for the mass duplication of UFDs.Checksum calculation is currently undocumented (not required for decompression).The resulting decompressed data is arbitarily bigger than its compressed counter-part, so please do not use a fixed-size output buffer.

Release.1.1004 WIN32 release Fixed an issue that would occur if more than one drives are being processed at once (happened sporadically).
Dat or gta*.dat files.
ImageUSB can also be used to install.
New flashing complete dialog to indicate imaging completion and success or failure.
Each item header has a size of 16 bytes.Source code clean up Release.1.1011 WIN32 release Added ability to select '.img' files.All drives connected to computer (irregardless if they are USB drives) are counted toward this total.Release.1.1012 WIN32 release Write verification is now supported for images not created with imageUSB.Fixed possible write failure bug when trying to reimage a drive that may have not have a mount point assigned (i.e.4 byte - dword - Identifier (0xA94E2A52 if the archive is not encrypted) 4 byte - dword - Version (always 3, if not the format would be differ) 4 byte - dword - Number of Items 4 byte - dword - Table Size (in bytes).Release history, release.4.1003, wIN32 release Fixed bug where formmatting as ntfs may cause imageUSB to crash.Added option to turn on Beep on Completion.Commented over 3 years ago: You are stealer because you stealing the tool!Will wait 1 sec before retry.Application taskbar will show current progress.Should allow you to scroll the list to see progress of all UFD when more than 4 drives are used.

This changed is to allow showing of partition information for each drive.