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So proper lens coding at Leica is - as far as I'm concerned - the only route.
It also shows that the older 20MB/s "Extreme III" card is not the one to use.
It's not the perfect camera (the Digilux 2) but it has some technical qualities that make the picture files sing - but mainly it has that "love factor" which has made it a true Leica classic and make you want to use.So that is why your main workflow will be one of these two major software players - Aperture or Lightroom.A blogger recently wrote about how well a Leica M hangs over the shoulder while biking through the city, using the UPstrap.Enjoy this series of articles on the Leica M digital rangefinders.Read it (though it is on Aperture, it's the same workflow for any software and any level of full-time professional or occasional fumbling amateur).The solution might be to shoot in both DNG and JPG so that one has both files: Quick selection and delivery of the files requested by an editor or somebody else right away.The great thing with the Leica M9 is that you don't have to have your lenses coded at Leica but can manually set the lens on the cameras display.

The official Adobe Lightroom.6 update will be available from December 19, 2009 at m/downloads/updates But the Lighroom.6rc version is out and working with release includes an improved camera profile for the Leica.
8 hours operating time PM-DL-340 Four programmable upper-limit switch outputs, independent presets PM-DL-350 Instrument data memory for up to 2000 measurement values, requires PM-DL-330 option, rechargeable battery PM-DL-510 4-pole Lemosa plug for connecting detectors provided by customers PM-DL-522 Extension cable for photometer head,.
In short; use software to hep you manage your files, don't let the software keep the files for you.
Leica M9 with 35mm Summicron-M f/2.0 (Version I 200 ISO.
All the technical stuff will get aligned as you go if you feel it's the right camera.It's a pain to work with, but when I have a shot that requires that special attention, I use that software for the conversion - and then I put that file back in the Lightroom workflow.Not all Leica lenses are supported by the Leica M9 and the 6-bit code system; though all can be mounted on the camera.But then production was delayed because a sub-supplier couldn't deliver an important part.The right way to do it though, is "getting it right in camera" meaning having set everything right so what you get is a final picture.Now, for me the challenge is to get the picture files of the Leica M9 to sing like the ones from the Leica R9/DMR dSLR : It took me some tough weeks back then where I was very disappointed with the results I was getting.For example I also use Imacon/Hasselblad's FlexColor which supported the DMR in the beginning (and still does).As British photogrpaher Christopher Tribble said, there's no reason to change profile on older images that has already been adjusted to the look one wanted, using that profile of that time (which is still embedded in the DNG file and is the one the image.But it is not a workflow tool, it can only convert files one at a time.Other reasons such as dealers opening the factory sealed box to sign the warranty papers has been suggested.