However, if a red or black spot occurs under the nail without trauma, it is important to vlc plugin for readon tv have it checked out by a doctor as it may be melanoma.
Replace it with healthier foods (greens, legumes) and introduce more fiber, protein, and healthy fats to your eating habits.
Some reasons toenails crack and sometimes turn yellow and brittle include fungal infections, bad toenail hygiene, and even the simple neglect of cutting them short.
You can also use laundry bleach to help get rid of fungi that causes cracked toenails.The sooner you start treatment, the less likely it is that the nail will split.Use a slow flow of water of the injured nail to prevent discomfort.Is it Nail Fungus or Something Else?You can apply this material over the crack, and seal it with acrylic polish, or even an adhesive.Wrap the toe up in a layer of gauze and apply pressure to until all bleeding stops.Use acetaminophen or ibuprofen instead.

Foot health is a part of overall health, however.
You need not go to a foot doctor or to a parlor to get these toenails done to make them look good and healthy.
Sometimes, remedying the problem is as easy as making lifestyle changes.
The nail may have to be removed, and you dont want to risk infection.
12 However, soaking nails for 15 minutes a day, patting them dry, then applying a moisturizer (e.g., an emollient such as organic lotion or petroleum jelly) can add moisture to the nail.Minimize the number of times you get your nails wet and then dry by making sure you wear waterproof foot gear on days with rain or snow.This solution is useful if you split your toenail while at work or on-the-go.Going back and forth between wet and dry can make your nails extra brittle.If you are struggling with proper powder or mogul technique, investing an hour in a ski lesson could save your toenails.An Unhealthy Diet, an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to many health concerns.