These values have been modified so that this does not happen anymore, but still maintaining the efficacy of the Lieutenant's leadership bonuses.
British Commando Sten SMGs are less effective.
British Commando piat squad cost increased from 255 to olympus om10 repair manual 325 manpower.
Improved British AI command truck setup.Clicking repeatedly on the Supply Yard stkeys v2 gui informacje will no longer select American M10s.Fixed issue with garrisoning windmills.American M3 Halftrack health increases by 20 when upgrading to the Quad.50 cal.Staghounds machine gun accuracy modifier vs tp_infantry_soldier changed from 1.75.Fixed a control point issue on Beaux Lowlands.British Command Tank's Creeping Smoke Barrage, once triggered, will no longer refund resources if canceled.Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when sending a chat message.

Fixed a bug with Goliath accuracy against American Airborne Infantry to match all other infantry.
Connectivity should be improved.
Causes of Solved: Company of Heroes Patch problem?The Vampire Halftrack now shuts off its engine while stealing resources.Panzer Elite Suppressive Volley Fire will slow retreating squads to normal movement speed temporarily.Joining a game or automatch team now forces the ping to always be retested (Fix for a join failure causing all further attempts to fail for the next 60 seconds).Fixed Panther Battlegroup button visibility when Panzer Elite HQ is destroyed.When receiving VP Ticker warnings and the opponent team has multiple Armies in it the player will no longer receive multiple Ticker warnings simultaneously.Panzer Elite G43 Rifle long range cooldown penalty reduced to 25 from 50, overall cooldown increased.British Captain's territory health bonus to emplacements reduced by an appropriate amount.Arbitration message now shown to someone who disputes the game results.Some upgrades now increase the rate at which Riflemen gain veterancy (specifically: bars, Sticky Bombs, Supply Yard production).Panzer Elite Hummel artillery barrage ability increased by 30 seconds.Solved: Company of Heroes Patch problem is the error name that contains the details of the error, including why it occurred, which system component or application malfunctioned to cause this error along with some other information.Removed Goliaths' ability to gain or provide shared veterancy upon destruction.Panzerschreck damage vs Panzer IVs reduced.Updated bs player pro indir gezginler the Wirbelwind UI unit ratings.