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Author: Mary McGeough, RN, BSN, hR019a is the first part of a three-part course designed to help health care providers increase their understanding of a variety of cultures, religious beliefs, and spiritual practices as well as the age-appropriate care needed to serve better the needs.
Recognize sequential and synchronic cultures as they relate to time management.
Identify the basic concepts of cultural diversity including values, worldview, communication, and time orientation.
Define terms used to describe negative attitudes toward differences: prejudice, stereotype, and discrimination.. .Describe the process of developing cultural competency.You will also learn how cultural verbal and non-verbal communication differences affect your ability to care for vcard wizard activation code crack patients.Explain cultural differences in communication styles, including verbal versus non-verbal, high-context versus low-context and affective versus neutral.In this course, you will learn about basic concepts of cultural diversity including values and worldview.

Define terms related to cultural competence.
To successfully complete this course, you must attain a minimum score of 80 on the final exam and complete the course training survey.
As the United States is becoming older and more racially and ethnically diverse, health care providers must become more culturally aware to ensure the best care for patients.
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