Together Allow the apeosport-iv c5570 user guide dryer to cool.
Open the door and clean the moisture sensors with a damp sponge which has a rough surface.
Switching off the dryer Turn the programme selector to 0 (Off).Only when switched off!Open the maintenance door fully.Clean with warm water only.

11 Container Empty the condensate container.
And adapt to individual requirements Programme selector All buttons are sensitive and only need to be touched lightly.
Removing the laundry The automatic anti-crease function causes the drum to move at specific intervals, the washing remains loose and fluffy for an hour (two hours if the additional Reduced Ironing function is also selected-depending on model).
Fine adjustment of the drying result.The sensors measure the level of moisture in the laundry.Care and cleaning Observe safety instructions without fail Page 11!The higher the spin.Pull out condensate container keeping it horizontal.Sensory or mental abilities and by persons with.T-shirts or jerseys) often shrink the first time they are dried do not use the Extra Dry programme.This appliance is labelled in accordance with European Directive and older, by persons with reduced physical, 2012/19/EU concerning used electrical and electronic appliances sensory or mental abilities and by persons with (waste electrical and electronic equipment - weee).3 Press the Start/Stop button Only operate the dryer with the fluff filter inserted!

Always push container in fully until it clicks into place.