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Allen & heath zed 14 user guide

allen & heath zed 14 user guide

Sample Rate 32,.1, or 48kHz Noise Mic Pre EIN @ max gain 150R input Z PGM out, PGM fader 0, Allen Heath -124dBu 22-22kHz Audition out, Mix B out 0, Aux out, Mono out 0, 22-22kHz -100dBu 22-22kHz -100dBu 22-22kHz -85dBu 11 XB-14 MK2.
Packed items, check that you have received the following: MIC MIC line MIC line TEL IN allen MIC line line ST2 TEL IN CLF OUT allen CLF OUT telco 1 telco 2 miut ST4 CRM speaker L/M L/M L/M L/M AUD OUT inser AIN PGM OUT inserxt.
Telco output (XLR) 0dBu nominal.
Protect from excessive dirt, dust, heat and allen vibration when guide operating and storing.The equipment has not been subject to misuse either intended or accidental, neglect, or alteration other than as described in user the User.EQ: The XB-14 is equipped with a 3-band equaliser circuit on each mono input which can be used to cut sibilance or mic popping or to change the tone of a presenters voice.The audio circuitry is based on years of continual development and refinement, the performance of all the elements within the mixer scrutinised and perfected to ensure the very best sound quality possible.The faders, switches and potentiometers are lubricated for life.Pressing the button marked AUD on the channels required, transfers the mix from the program feed over to the audition bus.Stereo Input Channel ST1 ST2.Electronically balanced outputs: The main program outputs are on XLR connectors with an electronically balanced output circuit.Stereo Input Channels ST3 ST4.Use the power cord with sealed mains plug appropriate for your local mains supply as provided with the console.Any user necessary adjustment, heath alteration or repair has been carried out.A/B cleanfeed source comms MIC input cleanfeed comms LPF 2 band filter 100Hz global 48V switch gain line IN 48V level - EXT MON IN ST1,3,5 user 7 ST2 4 ST6 telco channel (T1) MIC I USB retur XB-14 MK2 User G Thank you for your.Risk OF electric shock DO NOT open allen heath avis: risque DE choc electrique - NE PAS ouvrir. Use adequate packing if you need to ship the unit.

If the console is to be policy operated in policy a rack unit or flightcase ensure that it is constructed to allow adequate wolf ventilation.Quality audio to and from your PC or MAC.Just plug in a USB lead to your XB-14, select the USB routing on the mixer and the device on your computer manual and thats it!There is a headphones socket for the presenter/engineer with hall a routing matrix.Allen Heath Limited, kernick Industrial Estate, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9LU, UK m, allen Heath 3, xB-14 MK2 User Guide.Itll driver be equally happy running your gig on stage, recording live or mixing down in your studio at home.This means the operator could be monitoring one bus while a guest is listening to the program mix.There is also the facility for remote control of channel mutes from the studio using the remote interface connectors, ideal for studio situated mute switches.If the console becomes wet, epubmobi switch off and remove mains power immediately.Rinse and allow to dry fully before refitting them.The part number is: ZED1402-RK19 Allen Heath 13 XB-14 MK2 User Guide block diagra PP - gain gain HPF insert talk HF HF 3 band equaliser HM LOW fader UP peak signal mute remote mute meter ON PFL disable ON switch logic peak signal.To ensure a high level of performance and reliability for which this equipment has been designed and manufactured, read this User Guide before operating.Allen Heath 10 XB-14 MK2 User Guide specifications Operating Levels Input Mono channel Mic input (XLR) 6 to 63dBu for nominal (17dBu in max) Mono channel Line input (TRS Jack socket) 10 to 26dBu (30dBu maximum) Insert point (TRS Jack socket) 0dBu nominal 21dBu maximum.Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the product.Locate the console away from any equipment which produces heat or causes excessive vibration. Avoid tobacco ash, smoke, drinks spillage, and exposure to rain and moisture.
Refer servicing TO qualified service personnel.

If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet consult your service agent for assistance.
Check with your allen heath agent for any additional warranty which may apply.
Self operation or Producer operated: Whether you need a mixer for a self operated broadcast situation, or whether you have a separate studio allen & heath zed 14 user guide and engineer, the XB-14 has the features to fit.