all short keys of computer

F8 Pressing F8 over and over as the dsc pc1500 installation manual computer is booting will start the computer in Safe Mode.
Winkeyup arrow When in the side by side viewing houschka alt pro font mode, this shortcut takes the screen back to full size.
Open the Excel formula window, shift F5, bring up search box.
F7, spell check selected text and/or document.Bold highlighted selection, ctrl I, italicize highlighted selection, ctrl.Let me tell you about the useful shortcut keys: F2, edit the selected cell, f5, go to a specific cell.But, there is a shortcut that shows all the formula (instead of the results in the cell) in one go all your formulas will be revealed in their cells when you press Ctrl and tilde key.Winkey(Plus or Minus (-) Open monster pet shop game Windows Magnifier and zoom in with the plus symbol and zoom out with the minus symbol (-).Ctrl 5, strikethrough highlighted selection, ctrl O, open options.

CtrlShiftTab at the same time.
Winkeyj Switch between snapped apps.
Winkeyk Open Devices in Charms.Press this key To do this Ctrl N Start a new note Ctrl O Open a recently used note Ctrl S Save changes to a note Ctrl Shift V Move a note to a specific folder Ctrl P Print a note Alt F4 Close.Winkeyhome Minimize all windows except the active window.Windows XP winkeytab Cycle through open programs on the Taskbar.Windows logo key L Lock your computer or switch users.Ctrl N, open new document, ctrl P, open print dialog box Ctrl S Save Ctrl Z Undo last action Ctrl F9 Minimize current window Ctrl F10 Maximize currently selected window Ctrl F6 Switch between open workbooks/windows Ctrl Page up Page Down Move between Excel worksheets.

Ctrl A, select all items in a document or window.