Keywords: manual asymmetry, force control, aging, inter-manual performance asymmetry, harold.
Development of nintendo entertainment system manual new and appropriate neuropsychological assessment tools for children with developmental disabilities is important for future researches.
Scatter plot showing the relationship between age/manual dexterity and delay detection threshold (DDT steepness.
English language predominance was observed, hindering reading access to therapists who do not work in research area, searching for additional knowledge.
Conclusion There are few studies related to the theme comprising this population.Journal of Human Kinetics 6: 113125.With DDT as a dependent variable, both age ( -0.391,.001) and manual dexterity ( -0.582,.001) were significant independent variables.Five days of practice decreased the amount of time taken to complete the task, but not similarly for all three groups, and the interaction of Age and Practice was significantly different only for time taken to complete the task, not for accuracy of performance (.The curve was fitted using a non-linear least squares method (a trust-region algorithm) with the Curve Fitting toolbox in Matlab R2014b (MathWorks Inc., Natick, MA, United States) to estimate a and DDT.When a mismatch occurs between the motor predictions and actual sensory feedback, error signals are thought to be generated in order to correct/modulate the initial movement plan (.

Journal of Neurophysiology 97(5 32063218.
Some studies found that older adults demonstrate less manual asymmetry than young adults, especially on tasks that have been observed to be highly lateralized.
Furthermore, the present study addressed the possibility issue of including the visuospatial aspect in the previous experimental method ( Jaime., 2014 ).
Online motor control in children with developmental coordination disorder: chronometric analysis of double-step reaching performance.
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Relation between cognitive and motor performance in 5- to 6-year-old children: results from a large-scale cross-sectional study.