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Zuma, adventure mode Gauntlet mode.
If you want a unique game and don't mind waiting for it to download, Zuma 's call of duty black ops pc game iso Revenge is a great option.
Zuma has two modes, adventure and, gauntlet, although it's hard to say what's the difference between the two.Before installing Adobe Flash, you will need to first uninstall any older versions you currently have running on your computer.Zuma is an extremely simple, and it has to be said, extremely addictive puzzle game.Zuma 's Revenge takes the exciting game play found in the original, zuma and pushes it up a notch to create a challenging game for all players.Try the following steps:.

It's your job.
Zuma is a great game that will appeal to both adults and children.
You can spit out balls of the corresponding colors but only one at a time.The downside is it's probably bit too easy because the balls move rather slowly.Pros: Fun and addictive game that it suitable for all ages.Upper levels also bring in new angles and other obstacles that will keep your balls from going exactly where you want.These levels reduce the amount of space between where the balls come out and where the chain ends.This may not be enough time for you to decide if you want to invest in the full game.Aztec world that revolves on an axis.

It's deceptively addictive once you get going, and quite therapeutic as you watch the balls gradually get blown away.
It even got someone like me who avoids puzzles like the plague, glued to the computer.