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You may still subscribe to individual social group discussions.
VBulletin Members Area, templates with Mandatory Changes Since.8.0 * internet of energy pdf socialgroups_overview o show'sgicons' conditional checked before rendering random group sgicon div.
Not a required change.
PHP and MySQL Requirements, please note that vBulletin.8.x requires at least PHP.3.3 and MySQL.0.16 or later.
We are planning to improve this feature and re-implement it for the release of vBulletin.8.2.O Renamed the hidden dismiss_notice element to prevent a JS error when dismissing a notice (that prevented the Ajax version from functioning).Show'sgicons' conditional output on sg_newgroups div.VBulletin.8.1 fixes a number of bugs found since.8.0 was released.However, we recommend that vBulletin.8.x is run on PHP.2.8 with APC (or a similar opcode cache) and MySQL.1.30 for best performance and stability.End of Life for PHP.usercp_reputationbits UserID of the reputation giver could be printed in the html even if the user had no permission to view.

A full list can be found in the bug tracker.
Maintenance releases will follow our scheduled release policy.
Templates with Non-Mandatory Changes Since.8.0.Full instructions for upgrading vBulletin are available here.If sg icons are disabled, a tabled list view is used.Required only if Social Group Icons are disabled.O Fix 2 errors in the CSS (bad margin and "white-spcae" type).Your vBulletin installation will not be broken if you don't apply these changes, but small bugs may be fixed and new functionality may be available by applying these changes.VBulletin.8.1 is the first maintenance release of the vBulletin.8 series.album_list, moved the CSS into the head tag for xhtml validation.Social Group Subscription Temporarily Disabled, due to confusion over the functionality provided, vBulletin.8.1 has temporarily disabled the ability to subscribe to entire social groups.VBulletin.8.x supports PHP 5 without any problems, though you may need to disable strict mode for MySQL, see here on how to enable 'force_sql_mode'.Comment out link v2 1 keygen tsrh to subscribe to a social group, as this functionality is currently causing significant confusion.