Analogue to Digital Converter box.
Owners Record, the model and serial numbers are located on the bottom.
The exposure of this camcorder is high, so low light is no problem.Or use a video web based torrent client windows capture device.Source: The Eject button on my Sony Handycam CCD-TR818.With some camcorders, opening the tape lid is bothersome, but not with this one; you just open up the lid on top, press a button on the side, and the tape compartment comes out on one side.Note: Many mini DV cameras can act as a Converter if they have analogue inputs.Record the serial number in the space provided below.But you can record to a home DVD recorder, and put the DVD in the computer.I know of at least 1 charger from another Sony camcorder that is compatible with this one, and vice-versa, so those parts are not hard to get.It was the improvement i was looking for over the Samsung.It cannot output to the computer, since it's analog.Operating Instructions, before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it for future reference.

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I used to have a Samsung 8mm, very nice quality.
Any force applied to remove the cassette will damage the mechanism.
Source: Sony Handycam CCD-TR818 Hi-8 Analog, you require an A-D Converter.Not to mention that it can record in the dark up to 10 feet away, due to the Night Shot feature.(3) 2001 Sony Corporation, cCD-TR618/TR818.You better believe it's good quality, and better than another Sony model that i later got.Then i got the Sony tr818, and it impressed me how good it recorded.Don't let the lack of an LCD make you think it's not good, it's what's inside, and what win xp pro keygen lnu comes out the output to the TV, that counts.Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product.This is the best a hi8 camcorder can get, quality wise.This later model had an LCD, but the quality was less than the TR818.But it is when you record in normal light or well lighted areas, that you will see the depth of quality.Then i owned a Sharp hi8, terrible quality.This cannot be done by you and you need to refer this to a trained camera technician.

It is a little bigger than other handycams, but not too big.