A twangy guitar instrumental version by The Ramrods featuring the sounds of office 2013 kmsmicro activator vk 12 with installa mooing cattle, bronco cheers, and sound of cracking whips was recorded in late 1960 and it made the Billboard Top 30 in 1961, as well as the UK Top.
Czech version titled " Nebetí Jezdci " by Taxmeni Roger Latzgo released in 1991 Estonian edit Estonian-Canadian musician Jüri Lipp translated and recorded a surf rock version in Estonian in 1968.
9 The Bing Crosby version was recorded on March 22, 1949, 10 and released by Decca Records as catalog.
When Johnny Comes Marching Home." 4, more than 50 performers have recorded versions of the song.Jones himself recorded it for his 1957 album Creakin' Leather." Billboard Music Week Hot 100 Billboard, October 9, 1961."Art Greenhaw Music CD's Cassettes".

The indians, possibly Apache, who lived within Cochise County, believed that when souls vacate their physical bodies, they reside as spirits in the sky, resembling ghost riders.
"The origins of Aston Villa's famous terrace chants".
The scene involves Granddad singing the song whilst Agnes hits him over the head with a metal tray, testing a crash helmet (which Granddad's wearing) her friend Winnie is meant to be testing.
16 17 A Sesame Street version titled "The Dirtiest Town In The West" with altered lyrics first aired in 1982.The performance incorporates the riff from the Jørgen Ingmann hit, " Apache ".After all, what did she care where they floatedVenus and Johnny Jewel?Bob James, recording as The Bob James Trio, included it as the last track on his very first album Bold Conceptions released in 1962.1" which was released in 2015.14 This version was a semitone higher than the original.And then he started talking about what he wanted the guy wearing." External links edit.Retrieved "Riders On The Storm by The Doors Songfacts".The words have been modified to include the line " Holte Enders in the Sky, " a reference to the occupants of the vast stand behind the goal at the southern end of the Villa Park stadium.Jimmy Wakely, a cowboy singer, recorded the song on Shasta Records.1 song for 1949.Archived from the original (MP3).The, ascap database lists the song as ".The Spotnicks, a Swedish instrumental rock band, covered this song on their 1962 album, The Spotnicks in London, Out-a space.In that performance, Willie Nelson misses the start of the third verse because he forgets the text, and ends up switching the third and fourth verses.

Johnny Cash also performs the song in his guest appearance on The Muppet Show in 1980.
12 The Brothers Four recorded a driven, up-tempo version.
Though it was pretty punk, in Mary V's opinion.