This is a list of episodes.
762 756 "Curtain Up, Unova League!" (The Isshu League Higaki Tournament Begins!
Making his personal feelings on the idea of Pokémon putting themselves at risk for the sake of humans known, N's belief that Watchog (who seems ill-suited for the Team's risky endeavours) is being used as a tool causes an ideological clash between Halsey and.
766 760 "Cameron's Secret Weapon!" (Satoshi Against Kotetsu!
Purasuma-dan no Inb!" ( Japanese : VS) February 7, 2013 May 11, 2013 When Team Plasma scientist Colress uses his machine to draw out Pokémon strength, the controlled wild Pokémon attack the residents of nearby Floccesy Town.Investigating the villainous organization is Looker of the International Police, who returns to the series for the first time since.Wu Assassins, the last in a line of Chosen Ones, a wannabe chef teams up with a homicide detective to unravel an ancient mystery and take down supernatural assassins.764 758 "Lost at the League!" (Kibago Gets Lost!) Transcription: "Kibago Maigo ni Naru!" ( Japanese : ) December 6, 2012 March 23, 2013 During a break in the competition, Iris's Axew follows a balloon and gets lost in Vertress City.As Ash and Charizard try to stop them, N puts himself in the crossfire, knowing the Pokémon should be friends onkyo ht-r550 user guide and not fight.

772 766 "The Light of Floccesy Ranch!" (The Fog of Sangi Ranch!
763 757 "Mission: Defeat your Rival!" (Fiece Fighting!
Chirachno tai Tsutja!" ( Japanese : VS) October 11, 2012 February 2, 2013 Learning that the Unova League will be held at Vertress City, Ash and his friends prepare for the tournament, but not before making a detour towards Iris' hometown, the Village of Dragons.Ash competes in the Vertress Conference against his old rivals named Trip, Bianca, and Stephan as well as his newest rivals named Cameron and Virgil for the title of Unova League Champion.Denryu's Light!) Transcription: "Kiri no Sangi Bokuj!761 755 "Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad!" (Dispatch Team Eevee!Satoshi tai Enu!" ( Japanese : N) April 4, 2013 July 6, 2013 At the ruins dedicated to the Pokémon Reshiram, N steals the Light Stone from Cedric Juniper, and Ash's attempt to stop him ends with them separated from the others.Sono Na wa Enu!" ( Japanese : N) January 24, 2013 April 27, 2013 On a boat heading to see ruins dedicated to Reshiram, Ash, Iris, and Cilan meet the mysterious boy calling himself N, who quickly befriends their Pokémon.777 771 "Secrets From Out of the Fog!" (N's Secret.He tells Iris, Cilan and N about his and Charizard's history, with Misty and Brock making cameos during the tale.Pikach tai Rukario!" ( Japanese : ) January 10, 2013 April 13, 2013 Ash's Snivy and Pikachu must face off against Cameron and his newly evolved Lucario.Airisu tai Shaga!" ( Japanese : ) November 8, 2012 February 23, 2013 The gang arrives in Opelucid City for Iris' scheduled rematch against the Dragon Master and Gym Leader Drayden, who handed her and Excadrill their first-ever defeat years ago.Pikachu manages to track him down, but they are cornered by a group of Trubbish and their Garbodor leader.