Fuzz Ball Bouncing energy ball that sheds magnetic 'fuzz' bombs Burning Rubber Flaming molten rubber that coats the terrain Side Kick Bullets fire from the sides of the playfield Blockade Encase enemy tank in a hollow shell Stun Gun Two bullets are launched, spreading out.
Tachyon Beam An unexpected, unstoppable onslaught of exotic particles.
Crazy Ivan, proximity-based multi-warhead with unusual yet fun results.
You'll enjoy pushing the other player around with this weapon pack.Mirror Ball Get down tonight with this bouncing ball of destruction.Pop Rocket Underground rocket that launches tanks into the air Sky Strike Tank becomes flying target practice for homing missiles Power Washer Powerful stream of water targets your opponent Cheap Shot Teleports a bomb directly on top of the other tank Blackout Neigh invisible bullet.Both the Golden Bullet and the Mass Driver offer big risks with even bigger rewards.Space Cannon Calls down an epic laser beam from outer space Pulsar Bouncy bullet that emits magnetic particle bursts Scrambler Bolts of blue energy chase sizzle tanks Laser Grenade Laser light show with opponent at center stage Gyrobots Swarm of robotic warheads follow the leader.Space Laser Powerful orbiting satellite fires at targeting beacon Bunker Buster Unstoppable missile that literally cuts through any defense Bushwhack Ordinary shrubbery acme plant food danger Repeater Fireworks effect with a bit of a kick Puddle Jumper Splashes trouble everywhere it lands Elevator Lifts your.Nanobots A high tech 'cube' bursts into a swarm of robots with lasers Phase Missile Missile phases through dirt and orbits tank for bonus damage Gyro Glue Swirling and burning glue with a large area of effect Warp Gate Wormhole explosive objects from the 8th.High quality, family approved games that you won't be afraid to show to your non-computer buddies.Pocket Tanks Deluxe.6 25 Packs (295 weapons).Put out abc inventory software tutorial hot streaks with the Fire Hose, and rise to new heights with the Elevator.Glitter Gun Fire a fabulous frenzy of shining glitter dust to bury your foe.

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Heatseeker, if the bullet gets close to the opponents tank, it flies toward.
This is the first for-sale weapon pack ever released.
Single Shot, the default weapon, medium sized explosion and good points.Energy Spike Creeping, crawling weapon that will reach out and shock you!#30 Quantum Pack 5 weapons Oct 24th 2014 The science of weapon creation has been pushed to the limit in this free pack.Big Dirtball The Dirtball's big brother Super Zapper A super-charged version of the Zapper with more point and a much further reach Cruball A cruising Dirtball Mega Cruiser A Cruiser with a big explosion and lots of points Roller Cruiser-based weapon that only rolls downhill.Tamper with hyperspace, tunnel deep underground with space weapons, and unleash robotic missile turrets just for fun.Rapids A wave of water to wash away the tank and terrain.Jump Jets Tank will fly into the air based on angle and power (power divided by 4) Mud Pie Huge amount of dirtball bullets thrown into the air Pin Cushion Similar to Pineapple, but each resulting mini-bullet is a Zapper Laser Battery Lasers target the.

Beach Ball Bring the beach to the battlefield with blasts of scattered sand.
#18 Acid Pack 15 weapons May 16th 2008 Treat your enemy to a blast of electrochemical oxidation with Acid Bombs, creep in close and drop a Lead Balloon down his hatch, or hide yourself with the ever festive Bubble Wrap.
Hope you don't get it!