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Not only of others but also of ones own self.
Liberty of an individual to auto-construct crack registry clean expert 4.89 himself and national geographic february 2014 pdf his personal narrative.
For the one who protects diversity also and foremostly protects the weaker ones: children, older people, handicapped people, animals, trees and biotopes.
Historic integrity: ones capability to admit ones past wholly and fully.These are the values which Europe protects, this is the European codex.Therefore, diversity is not only to be cherished - diversity is to be protected.The pride of Turks unable to admit the Armenian Genocide even a century after its execution.Liberty is the basis of our complex and robust economy.Fullest possibly liberty, constrained only by the Liberty of the Other.And Dignity implies Liberty.Precisely because Europe does not want to have any adversaries.Nor do they imply child genital mutilation, domestic violence, rapism, alcoholism, gambling, exploitation or disdain of minorities, weapon-hoarding, greed, money-addiction, environmental destruction and/or high homi- and sui-cide rates so common in all countries which often label Europe as immoral.Inability of Chinese to see Mao-tse-Tung as a man he really was: a butcher.

As far as they result from mutual reflect consent of mature individuals, of course.
Is aware and is truly sorry - and the one who is truly sorry is, ex vi termini, free from.
Insanity of fanatics believing that words contained in bad translations of wrong interpretations of fairy-tales spat out of mouth of half-mad prophets are more worth than Life.The testosterone vanity of Russians unable to interpret deeds commanded by Stalin as what they truly were: horific and disgusting attrocities.As many others as possible, in fact.Ones capability to learn from errors of the past and solid, steady and stalwart commitment not to commit them again.No, Europe does not want to feel pride for deeds one should be ashamed.Europe has understood that the true morality consists not of hypocritical renouncement on ones sexuality.The stupidity of American population whose majority does not even suspect that it was indeed an Agent Orange, made-in-USA, who uselessly put aflame many a temple all the way from South-East Asia to South America.That is, economy which not based on exploitation but on recyclation; an economy whose expansion into adjacent possible is driven more by creativity of the Spirit than by dumb marketing forces which just tend to aggregate and reinforce the stupidity of the crowds.Both on personal as well as national and continental level.We want to live and let others live.Europe knows that virtues are stronger than vices.And then, of course, someone shall raise the thorny question of sexuality.

Let this be known: Europe does not feel pride because she does not want to feel pride.