Any compatible Intel CPU will have the same socket entry.
1 AMD/ATI GPU, expansion Slots: 2 x PCI 32bit 1 x PCIe.0.
For chips with a large number of pins, either zero insertion force (ZIF) sockets or land grid array (LGA) sockets are used instead.CPU socket: A CPU socket or CPU slot is a mechanical component(s) that provides mechanical and electrical connections between a microprocessor and a printed circuit board (PCB).DDR2 400Mhz, DDR2 533Mhz, DDR2 667Mhz, DDR2 800Mhz, Motherboard sata pcchips A13G (V3.0) sata 1: no sata 2: no sata 3: sata III, or sata Revision.x, is the next set of specifications following the original sata and sata II storage interface specifications.Motherboard Memory pcchips A13G (V3.0 memory Type: 2xDDR2, memory Type(ECC Non-ECC.Quiero comprar una ddr2 de 1gb pero no se si le quede, usa memoria ram ddr2 y la tengo con 4gb.This means a graphics cards will have to be placed in a smaller PCIe slot, which will significantly and detrimentally affect its performance potential, limiting it to the bandwidth of that particular slot.Yes Internal I/O Connectors pcchips A13G (V3.0) Internal USB: 2 x USB.0 Internal I/O: 1 x 24 pin power connector 1 x 4 pin power connector 1 x fan header 1 x S/pdif connector System Panel Connection TPM Chip Back Panel Connectors pcchips A13G.1 Nvidia GPU, crossfire: CrossFire machines require PCI Express slots, a CrossFire-enabled motherboard and, depending on which models are used, either a pair of ATI Radeon adapters or one adapter and one matching CrossFire Edition adapter.Windows 2000 - Windows XP 32/64bits - Windows Vista.Its size comes at the cost of features, so there are likely to be far fewer connections and expansion options available than in a larger motherboard.

The, pcchips A13G (V3.0) does not support multiple graphics cards via despicable me psp game Nvidia SLI or AMD Crossfire.
SLI video cards run on certified motherboards over PCI Express.
Memory Channel: Dual-channel architecture DDR/DDR2/DDR3 sdram describes a motherboard technology that effectively doubles data throughput from RAM to the memory controller.
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Update: se que no tiene nada que ver con la ram de la pc, donde si tiene que ver es en agp x4 x6 x8 x16 ddr1 ddr2 ddr3 es el pedo, no se cual lleva, le meteria ddr1 pero no hay de 1gb,.Integrated graphics are a cheap alternative to using a graphics card, but should be avoided when frequently using modern applications or games that require intense graphical processing.This was then replaced by the 82C836 scat (Single Chip AT) chipset that combined all the chips in the set into a single chip.This allows the CPU to be placed and replaced without soldering.CPU Make: Intel, chipset: A chipset is a group of microchips that are designed to work with one or more related functions that were first introduced in 1986 when Chips and Technologies introduced the 82C206.Description, nvidia raid Floppy Image Drivers, operating Systems.DDR2 memory is exceptionally out of date, and considering how cheap DDR3 RAM is, using a motherboard with only DDR2 compatibility in a modern system build would be a very bad idea.Dual-channel-enabled memory controllers utilize two 64-bit data channels, resulting in a total bandwidth of 128-bits, to move data from RAM to the CPU.If planning on building a new system, a motherboard with USB.0 is likely to have a longer life cycle, however.

The, micro-ATX, pcchips A13G (V3.0) should fit into all ATX cases, but its smaller size allows you to downsize your system build as a whole.