of tamil fonts for windows xp

Sai-Sai, SaiVrishin, SaiEmbed-ForPDF and Tscu_SaiIndira.
F) Code2000 is an excellent font (shareware) akin to 'Arial Unicode hp printer 3210 manual MS' in that it contains characters from multiple languages.
They have categorized them under various groups: Basic Script, Fancy, Gothic, Tamil, Holiday and Dingbats Holiday Themes.
Apart from monolingual and bilingual fonts, there are multilingual fonts (e.g.) will take you to external sites.SaiIndira) from the fonts list of an editor (e.g.Otherwise, you can download more than 300 differently styled fonts by following the appropriate download links in this page.Final note: Using Azhagi, you can transliterate in ANY of the Tamil fonts you download from the above links, in ANY application (MS-Word, Photoshop, InDesign, CorelDraw, etc.) Sample texts for a few fonts (out of more than 300 Tamil fonts which you can download.D) Tscu_SaiIndira unicode font was created by me using 'SaiIndira' font's characters as the base.Both of them possess "peerless features" and you can download them from the home page.Using 'SaiIndira you can type in both English and Tamil.Windows XP is able to manage about one thousand fonts, including Tamil.'Arial Unicode MS' font contains characters from multiple languages and not just Tamil.

As a matter of fact, it contains the old forms of the Tamil characters 'lai 'nai 'Ra etc.
As such, you can consider that I have just shared some information on 'other fonts'.
You will not find many sites on the web that lets you select your particular color structure for the whole site, but Da Font is among them.
Download Unicode Fonts for Tamil.
In other words, it is absolutely at your own risk to download/install/try/use any of the 'other fonts'.These fonts are available for individual download too from this link.There are a few visitors who are accustomed only to fonts similar to Tamil Typewriter fonts and hence assume that all the fonts downloaded from the above links can be straightaway used for typing in Tamil by selecting them from the fonts list.100s of free Tamil Fonts (Unicode, Tscii, TAB, TAM, etc.He is the one who has developed the beautiful Tscii fonts shown at the end of this page (porunai, pothigai, etc.) and downloadable from the abovementioned 'Tscii Fonts Download - Link1'.You can also put Tamil fonts or your popular fonts on a CD or flash disc for safekeeping and for your record because you will need them when you get a new computer or have to use a different one, the entire collection is with.Karen Kenworthy 143 Freeware, font Explorer designs font reports and customizes font types.Starfleet Academy 99 Freeware, mW-Fonts shows all the fonts that are installed on your Windows system.Contrary to monolingual fonts, there are bilingual fonts.Vijaya is a Windows font and is available in Windows 7 onwards.Also, please note that links to any of the 'other fonts' were valid links at the time of my mentioning them first in this page only.Download Free Tscii Tamil Fonts (around 25 fonts) - These fonts were not developed by me but by other developers.Using Azhagi, click here.

G) 'Tscii' is a registered font encoding, widely used worldwide.