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Quick shifting in the R mode with the transmission in the position is available when the engine speed is high.Damaged, this may reduce the effec- The metallic brake pads and brake disc rotor.This allows the brake pads to move the gap between the brake pad and caliper is larger than normal and large-size brake Follow the instructions below when away from the rotor so the pad does not pads are used.These are essential for a supercar.Deleting any or all stored information in anyvehicle.Owning one therefore requires additional and special consideration and understanding regarding the GT-R's driving and operation characteristics, sounds and increased service and maintenance requirements.Doors (P.3-2,.3-4,.3-8)4.When the vehicle is stopped on a hill, do not hold the vehicle in place by depressing the accelerator pedal.This does not indicate that there is a malfunction.This brake fluid should be used to ensure the best performance and proper operation of the vehicle.

Black plate (17,1) dual clutch transmission.
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The position second gear can be used to start moving the vehicle only M when reduced torque is necessary on snowy roads or extremely slippery surfaces.
Vehicle Sale, you are buying one of the most anticipated vehicles recently introduced in the USA.
Contact a GT-R certified nissan moderate and higher speeds dealer or nissan Consumer Affairs for ainstalled on the vehicle.To avoid or reduce the risk, teries, may contain perchlorate material.The use of additives is prohibited.During development, the nissan GT-R was taken to the Nurburgring in Germany, a racetrack used for performance evaluation benchmarking ofsupercars.Information Booklet for significant lim.Exclusions and Limitations to Manufacturers Warranty Please read your GT-R Warranty Information Booklet carefully.

Latch (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) system (P.1-16) Illustrated table of contents 0-3 Model "R35-D" edited: 2009/ 3/.
Contact your GT-R certified nissan dealer.
See your Owners Manual for additional important information and related warnings.