Installing or marine aquarium v2 crack upgrading NetBackup server software 31 Installing or upgrading servers locally If the NetBackup system shares drives by using the Shared Storage Option (SSO all NetBackup servers must use the same host for storing device information.
Ensure that all NetBackup servers have a release level that is at least equal to the latest must have games for ipad mini retina version that is installed on the clients.
If access control is already installed in your current NetBackup environment, you must install the new Symantec Product Authentication and Authorization components before you upgrade to NetBackup.5.
On the, license Agreement screen, choose.
If a restart is required, this option ends the installation and rolls the remote system back to its state at the beginning of the installation.Installed NetBackup already Compares the installation type on that system to the installed installation type that you request.36 Installing or upgrading NetBackup server software Installing or upgrading servers remotely Typical Select Typical to install NetBackup default features and settings.On unix or Linux systems, or if Autorun is disabled on the Windows system, navigate to the CD drive to view the CD contents.82 Local and remote installations for Windows systems.For upgrades, you can install the latest device drivers before you upgrade NetBackup.For more information on EMM servers and EMM databases, refer to the Veritas NetBackup Administrators Guide for Windows, Volume.Back Click Back to view the previous screens and make any changes, then return to this screen and click on Install.

For command-line users, enter the following command:.
On the pop-up dialog box that appears, confirm that the feature is not available for installation.
Caution: For Oracle users: If you select Terminate NetBackup processes, you must take down your database before you continue the installation.
If you have downloaded the 64-bit version, open nbsetup-x64.exe and click, next to begin the client installation.You must provide this information during installation.The Tape Device Driver Installation wizard that is included on the NetBackup installation CD steps you through how to install the latest device drivers.If Autorun is disabled, navigate to the CD drive and run Launch.Preparing for installation 11 Pre-installation software requirementsThe following table lists the title of each NetBackup.5 CD along with a briefdescription of its te: Beginning with NetBackup.5, Veritas Security Services and its associatedacronym (VxSS) are replaced by Symantec Product Authentication tBackup CD ContentsWindows 32-bit.Use the following guidelines if you want to use access control: To use the access control features in NetBackup.5, you must install the Symantec Product Authentication and Authorization components.For Typical If you selected Typical for the installation type, go to step 10 installations only on page.

NetBackup.5 Symantec, the Symantec logo, and NetBackup are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the.S.
40 Installing or upgrading NetBackup server software Installing or upgrading servers remotely 11 On the NetBackup Enterprise Media Manager screen, enter the name of the server where you want the EMM server installed.