The anime only season focuses on the Chnin Exams occurring after.
"Naruto Shippuden Box 31 (Episodes 388-401.
"Naruto Shippuden Box 32 (Episodes 402-415.As I become an adult, there are things I'd want to protect.The next day, Gaara asks them to continue the second exam, while Asuma and championship manager 2006 full game Yuhi disqualify some Leaf Genin for with Fu attempting to make friends.Fu kills a giant scorpion to save Choji, Sakura and Ino.Ino uses Mind Transferring Jutsu to force Saya out of office 2013 kmsmicro activator vk 12 with installa Choji's mind.The second ending theme, "Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku" "A Promise That Needs No Words by sana, is used from episode 406 to 413.Hichi nearly manipulates the shadows of Team Matsuri with the biwa and captures Gaara with the sealing chains to pull Shukaku out from him and Chomei from Fu for arriving.After arranging the exams to first begin at the Leaf Village and end at the Sand, Tsunade sends out the anbu to deliver invitations to the all Kages, but they refuse to have their villagers take part in the exams.Retrieved July 30, 2017.The first opening theme, "Silhouette" "Shiruetto" ) by, kANA-boon, is used from episode 394 to 405.

Specific st (in Japanese).
401 "The Ultimate" Transcription: "Kiwameshi mono" ( Japanese : ) February 26, 2015 While Lee fights with Shira, Neji learns that they sustain more damage.
There are probably a lot of things we don't remember But there are also things that will never change, and you, Who taught me this, are a fading, fading silhouette.
It began in episode 380 and ran until episode 405.
413 "Hopes Entrusted to the Future" Transcription: "Mirai ni Takusu Omoi" ( Japanese : ) May 21, 2015 Gaara orders his people to cancel the third part of the Chunin Exams and confronts Fugi who uses seppuku to pay his mistake.Fighting, fighting, fighting for ownership, Time and memories flow, Getting further, further, further away There are probably a lot of things we don't remember Everyone, even him, becoming mere silhouettes Everything weve worried about, weve tried to sweep under the carpet, So we can just.It was replaced by, wind."naruto - 5 DVD" (in Japanese).While the sandstorm subsides, the siblings and all genin escape to safety.406 "The Place Where I Belong" Transcription: "Jibun no Ibasho" ( Japanese : ) April 2, 2015 As Sakura punches to kill the giant scorpion, she, Ino and Choji recalls their memory about their lives after the events of Part.Hayato Date, and produced by, studio Pierrot and, tV Tokyo.As Team Goji trusts them and leaves, Lee challenges Shira to fight.We passed the point of no return, but looking back.Retrieved July 3, 2015.Clutching the things we wish to hold dear, Well become more mature, never letting them wander Protecting them at all times.After explaining that the Akatsuki will interfere the exam, they start the event for any conspirators who tries to start the coup d'état against them.

Tsunade assigns Guy to protect Gaara upon after knowing that the assassins will hunt him.