E23 operation Both right-hand reverser and left-hand reverser control options provide full powershifts for on-the-go shifting; no need to stop or clutch when bump shifting or shuttle shifting between forward and reverse.
With more automatic features, the e23 is easy to operate for all levels of operator experience.
The e23 with Efficiency Manager provides improved fluid efficiency and overall productivity with limited input from the operator.
Rather than using AutoClutch alone, reduce the engine rpm and reduce the e23 to a slower commanded speed citrix xenapp client ipad before applying the AutoClutch.
The e23 has evolved from more than 50 years of John Deere PowerShift technology.E23 options e23 transmission 42 km/h (26 mph) with Efficiency Manager e23 transmission 50 km/h (31 mph) with Efficiency Manager.High: for light or no trailer (load) factory default Medium: for medium trailers (load) Low: for heavy trailers (load) AutoClutch Off: to operate e23 just like a traditional powershift The AutoClutch sensitivity factory default-setting is set to high, which supports most operations.Stopping the tractor using AutoClutch During transport, it may be desirable to use the AutoClutch feature to stop the tractor when approaching an intersection or turn.To access the tractors transmission settings, press the transmission shortcut button on the CommandCenter shortcut bar.In the advanced settings page, operators can adjust auto shift engine speed droop and load anticipation, similar to custom mode.Option code Description 1493 e23 Transmission 42 km/h (26 mph) with Efficiency Manager 1494 e23 Transmission 50 km/h (31 mph) with Efficiency Manager 2701 Right-hand Reverser Bump-Shift-Type Transmission Controls 2702 Left-hand Reverser Bump-Shift-Type Transmission Controls Rapid shifting Rapid shifting When the tractor is working.Reverse direction selector, neutral position, electronic park lock, right-hand reverser equipped models use three main controls to operate the tractor: Foot brake with integrated AutoClutch.Just like full auto mode, custom mode shifts set speeds meaning the transmission may not necessarily shift gears each time the lever is bumped. .

A forward gear between 1F and 13F may be preselected by depressing the clutch pedal and pushing or pulling the shift lever. .
CommandCenter transmission shortcut button Operating modes The e23 application settings employ three modes to take full advantage of the engine-transmission communication: full auto mode, custom mode, and manual mode.
AutoClutch can be deactivated on e23 transmissions as well; however, it will be reactivated after every key start.This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.This allows the operator to select two different minimum engine speeds. .E23 controls, the e23 is available with either a right-hand or left-hand reverser.The reverser is located on the CommandARM as shown above.Reverse direction selector, neutral position, electronic park lock, left-hand reverser equipped models use four main controls to operate the tractor: Foot brake with integrated AutoClutch function.Ground speed matching When the tractor is slowing down and the clutch pedal is depressed, the transmission will match a gear to the ground speed of the tractor when the clutch is released.Cornerpost display The cornerpost display shows the commanded gear instantaneously once selected.Full auto mode Full auto main page Full auto mode enables the tractor to make adjustments to the transmission operating mode automatically, based virtual keyboard in arabic on engine and transmission speed and the load on the tractor. .Advanced transmission settings Additional transmission settings can be customized to the operators specific desires.Returning engine speed to a low idle while continuing to depress one brake pedal will slow the tractor to a stop.Operators can turn eco on and off by either pushing the eco button on the side of the throttle or by selecting eco in the transmission settings page of the CommandCenter. .The five-position, left-hand reverser column incorporates the following controls: Forward direction selector.When shifting, the transmission shifts gears, not set speeds like full auto and custom mode. .