manual timing adjust 93 4runner

The hard part was on the drivers side of the radiator where the large radiator hose connected.
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Bolt the fan shroud back on using the 4 bolts(10mm).
But had to wait for those idlers to come in homelite 46cc chainsaw repair manual so I finished it in a day the next weekend.
Put the fan assembly back on using 3 bolts (14mm) and torque to 30 ft lbs.The parts go onto the bolt on the left as shown one atop another.Now put the 4 nuts(10mm) onto the fan, careful nut to snap the bolt off like I did by over torquing them.I will be changing the following parts: Timing Belt, Water Pump, thermostat,.1 Idler,.2 Idler, AC Idler Pulley, AC, Power Steering, and Alternator Belts.If you didn't line up the keyway then pull it off using your original arcade games for xbox 360 list 2013 pulley puller and try again.

I have about 30 baggies of bolts and parts with labels telling me what they are and how many are supposed to be there.
(did you get chills too?) Look for leaks, listen for knocking(bad) and squealing (one of your drive belts is too tight or loose keep an eye on your temperature gauge.
Put some packing/gasket maker on the water outlet pipe and reattach using the 2 nuts(10mm) Replace the crankshaft pulley making sure the key way lines up with the key(see 3rd pic for key location).
I do all of my own car work and know a little bit of everything.
Remove the radiator cap to speed up draining (.Pretty easy its tightened using the long bolt (14mm I've heard that if you can twist the belt more then 45 degrees then its too loose so use that as a starting point and if its too tight we'll fix it later.Why the attention to detail?The 6th pic shows the location of the long bolt(14mm you may have to rotate the pulley bolt by turning the nut(12mm?) so that the hole aligns with the long bolt.It will make your life better I swear.Once the long bolt is threaded in a ways finish tightening the pulley nut(12mm?Refer to the exploded view of the timing belt assembly and locate the timing belt tensioner; alternate loosening the two bolts(14mm) until the tensioner can be removed; don't forget the rubber dust boot!Now if you have a big enough vice then take the tensioner and compress it, put a piece of cardboard in to protect the piston, once compressed enough a small allen key or other strong piece of metal can be slipped into the small hole.Required Tools: Metric sockets(shallow well) 4, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 19mm.I cleaned out the groove with the tip of a mechanical pencil.

If you are unsure how to do this step take a minute to do a little research on the internet.