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In electronics and electrical engineering, a fuse is an electrical safety device that operates to provide overcurrent protection of an electrical circuit.
For example, fuse holders for North American class RK fuses have a pin that prevents installation of similar-appearing class H fuses, which have a much lower breaking capacity and a solid blade terminal that lacks the slot of the RK type.There is a direct relationship between a fuse's cold resistance and its voltage drop value.In some countries, because of the high fault current available where these fuses are used, local regulations may permit only trained personnel to change these fuses.Poly vinyl amber rollers are long lasting, will absorb shock, are cut resistant and will not mark or mar your boat.For example, a glass tube fuse rated at 32 volts would not reliably interrupt current from a voltage source of 120 or 230.Medium hp 4000tn service manual Voltage, indoor Circuit Breakers Contactors, vacuum Circuit Breakers.Additional standard ampere ratings for fuses are 1, 3, 6, 10, and 601.It may be installed in a circuit-breaker box with a door.UK fuse boxes and rewirable fuses MEM rewirable fuse box with four rewirable fuse holders (two 30 A and two 15 A) installed.

6 Voltage drop edit The manufacturer may specify the voltage drop across the fuse at rated current.
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11 12 Some installations use these Edison-base circuit breakers.
Fuses for high-voltage equipment, up to 115,000 volts, are rated by the total apparent power (megavolt-amperes, MVA ) of the fault level on the circuit.Such tampering will not be visible without full inspection of the fuse.The IEC standard unifies several national standards, thereby improving the interchangeability of fuses in international trade.Renewable fuses have replaceable fuse elements, allowing the fuse body and terminals to be reused if not damaged after a fuse operation.One form of fuse box abuse was to put a penny in the socket, which defeated overcurrent protection and resulted in a dangerous condition.

Normal fast-blow fuses are the most general purpose fuses.
The associated high pressure (often greater than 100 atmospheres) and cooling gases rapidly quench the resulting arc.
If a 32 V fuse attempts to interrupt the 120 or 230 V source, an arc may result.