We have 1 Palm IIIxe manual available for free PDF download: Handbook.
The cradle comes - as the PalmV - with a new type of serial plug.
There is no memory effect and there is no danger of overcharging.
Due to the type of power supply used in the Palm, that fact 2008 wrx manual transmission fluid is also reversable.But the Palm V uses again another LCD than the IIIx.Supplying 4V means, the battery needs to deliver only.4mA for the needed.5mW.After all, most users will have their Palm Vx in the cradle for a recharge often enough.English and, french manuals.The most important is the higher voltage of the lithium battery.Therefore making the Palm Vx the first device without the 3Com branding.I meassured the capacity and got roughly 300mAh for the lithium battery.But there are also quite some good facts that speak for the Palm.General *Product Type Handheld.For sure the Vx needs a bit more power than the regular Palm V, but under normal conditions the faster clock and the bigger RAM size don't influence the battery life noticable.

Only by using these better power supplies.
But back to the Palm.
Left of the battery is a high integrated, small charging electronic, which takes care very well of the battery, more below.Only frequent travellers might have a problem with the Palm.BTW, the power supply is also not the worst.I like especially the dedicated button, so you don't have to dig through tons of menus to reach the contrast control.Beside the fact that in Germany.e.But another, often overlooked goody of the Palm Vx is, that it also comes with a *20 MHz* CPU instead of the standard 16 MHz.But there is also hope for more RAM: Basically the 2MB chip can be exchanged with an 8MB type.If you are not too much and too long on the road, you can basically forget about batteries with the Palm.Now multiply these wasted 4W by the amount of these bricks everyone uses nowadays (answering machine, cordless phone, mobile phone charger c by 24hrs x 365 days.Software, and 2 MB user memory chip.At that point the charge keeps its level, but that is not the 100 full level!Yes, if you also use it only a few minutes a day, that is true.But also on the second look, the Palm V has to offer alot of goodies.The Palm V was delivered with a Serial craddle for data tranfer and battery charging.The strange thing is, that it is in fact not related in any way to the actual charge process, so it just lites because the P5 shorts pin 8 and 10 (sense and gnd).